3rd Strike Tennesee Soap Opera Battle Results 4/5

3rd Strike
1st-DreamTR “I can’t believe I live in Smyrna” (Ken, Hugo, Necro)
2nd-SDouble “Shelbyville is my life” (Urien)
3rd-LVL 32 ZISM Rose “I’m glad I’m not the only Brown person here” (Hugo, Ryu)
4th-Ooze “Bellevue’s Finest” (Ken)

Thanks to everyone that showed, and who knows what happened to the Kentucky players…

We’re going to announce a Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection Tournament in a couple of weeks.

car broke down on 65 south, only made it 48 miles out of louisville. me and d were stuck on the highway for like 3 hours. sorry to fabricio, i know you were countin on the ride.

possibly seized the motor.

it really sucks because i was playin REALLY solid before we left out, really sucks i missed this one, needed that 50 bucks.

how many showed, and no ST results?

how were the casuals?


That’s OK. I hope you guys made it back to Lousiville safely.

Sorry that your car broke down, though I don’t think you would have won the $50 from me :wink: We’ll have another tournament with Tekken 5: DR in a couple of weeks or so…might add 3s if there is interest and up the pot.

sounds good, i dont play tekken but 3s im down.

just cost me 80 bucks yesterday to get my car towed back to louisville, and thats only cuz davids AAA paid for 50 of it.

Learn CvS2 :tup:

I don’t play much CVS2 anymore, but I’m adequate comp. I don’t think ANYONE plays it out here at all.

Nobody plays any fighting games where I live. The only other person who played CvS2 competitively in Kentucky was popoblo, but he’s retired, so I’m the only one left in the whole state as far as I know. I might be moving to Nashville in May so, hopefully I’ll get to play good CvS2/3S/GGAC players on a regular basis.

BTW have you thought about getting a GGAC machine?

cvs2 sucks no offense lol

I have to laugh when “retired” is brought up for some reason. How old is popoblo, 24-25? Anyone that started playing in the 21st century should never have that distinction.

As far as CVS2 goes, I only play the arcade version, and that’s not often because no one really plays it here. It was only recent that I was able to finally play the game in tournaments on non 360 sticks, which always gave me problems because of shoddy angles, but too little too late now that I have moved here, and the scene does not exist.

I am sure you have more 3s players there than here. We have 3-4, and I never get to play them on a regular basis. Guilty Gear is all alphakami’s crew, there’s a few guys that play with him and some guys in Murfreesboro, but it’s all console, that’s why I don’t see the point of spending $2600 on a GGAC machine when there’s almost no possibility guys would drive 40+ miles to play it. (They live in the boonies, these GG players)

I’ll provide you the comp in CVS2/3s when you come out here, but to get others, it’s a struggle, believe you me!

YES…Soap Opera Beastage. Can’t wait to play you kentucky guys :slight_smile: and sado yeah don’t think you are going to win over wilson free or me for that matter :slight_smile: We look forward to the challenge man. Sucks you guys broke down. I know how that is man.

Good luck getting here next time.

He’s finishing college so I’d guess he’s around 22 or so. I don’t agree with him quitting playing CvS2, after all he’s incredibly good at that game, but I understand his point of view.

I think there’s a couple of players in Louisville (1.5 hrs from where I live) and maybe a couple more in Newport (3 hrs from here, kind of a long drive). I don’t have a car so I never play anybody except in the few occasions I’m able to travel around.

Makes sense.

Likewise. Hopefully I’ll have learned how to actually play the damn game by then.

No car? Ya need to get one. These states are so poorly lacking for Capcom stuff.

I agree popoblo is good, and with console being the basis for EVO, he should be going to more of these console type tournaments, but if real life gets in the way, what can you do?

CVS2 is just kind of bleah to me. I prefer the arcade version because, well, speed difference and lack of being able to perform spastic moves on console really get me. I played the XBL one a lot back in the day because it did not have RC. Been to a bunch of arcade tournaments, and 3 console ones for it, but it’s just not a fun game to me unless it’s the arcade version for some reason…and I really think I am the ONLY person out here willing to play it. Well, “maybe” alphakami and Lvl32ismRose…

I’m not really crazy about playing arcade versions, I like using my own stick, but I guess I could get used to playing on arcade if I had to.

I’ve never played the arcade version of CvS2. I have both PS2 & DC versions of it, the only difference I can think of the top of my head is the timing for certain links seem to be more difficult on DC (Chun’s 2-frame links, Kyo’s 2-frame links, etc), but that’s probably because I play the PS2 a lot more often than I play the DC version.

There’s a tournament in Memphis in late May, alphakami mentioned something about running a CvS2 tourney. I’m definitely interested in going to that tournament as well as MWC but at this point nothing is confirmed yet. With me moving out of Kentucky, having to find a house, job, etc I still have a lot of things to work out in the next couple of months. Hopefully everything will work out.

Liking to use own stick: Not feasible in the arcade age. It’s fine now since everything is console happy in the US and arcades died, but back in the day, you just go to arcades, and adjust to whatever sticks they had. I can’t play sitting down. I need to stand up and play one something that doesn’t move. That’s my issue with it.

Speed for console is slightly faster than arcade, so the link timing is different for sure.

I run MWC each year, as much as I would like to have CVS2 on arcade there, the lack of boards forces me to do console on it.

amen brother