3rd Strike Thanksgiving

I am thankful for…
every 3s SRK regular, a very dope small group of people!
Darksoft making arcade 3s more accessible/fixing the suicide battery problem
everyone who has helped me improve over the last 3 1/2 years (too many people to name, but special thanks to ryan/yuuki/chaitea who’ve gone the extra mile)
Japan for keeing 3s alive and vibrant and giving us all something to shoot for
WTF-AKUMA-HAX who has consistently made the community more enjoyable for as long as I can remember

have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

I’m thankful for Kuroda. Any fighting game community would be lucky to have a player as smart as him showing them the way.

I’m also thankful for Minzy

god bless you Minzy

I’m thankful for the machine.

@ 45s

Thankful for FightCade and Hori controllers.

I’m thankful for fucking idiots on PSN 3so who send dumbshit hate mails thinking that they’re somehow right in their approach when they do nothing but look like asshats.

Fuck you, you fucking scrubs. Play me offline and see exactly why you’re nothing but kitchen garbage

Don’t know much about Thanksgiving, but we have Sinterklaas coming up.


It’s not about being thankful/eating but about kids getting stuff.

I’d like to get the SBO 2005 DVD in my shoe one of these nights… I’ll be thankful after.

Cheers Duralath. You talking about louiscipher aka Alexisthebomb?
I made a wiki page showing everyone what a loser and a scrub that asshole is.
Check it out: http://ggpo.wikidot.com/louiscipher

But he reported it to the admins and got the page deleted, thats why the link is from google cache. Don’t worry louis, it will be back up soon :wink:

I’m actually not. Louis plays nice and doesn’t talk shit. He asks me questions about the game and is generally respectable to me so I don’t have a problem with him.

I’m talking about the guys who get butthurt when you dont blindly hit buttons or try to parry everything. I’m talking about the morons who think Urien is cheap because of the mirror. Or the ones who auto pilot in lag. I’d call out names but then again, that’d be mean of me.

I play on PSN because that’s what I have. But I’m also on there to see if anyone actually wants to learn the game outside of whatever they’ve learned from playing SF4 (no, jab into low forward into fireball is not something you do in this game). Approximately 98% of PSN has no fucking clue how to approach the game and of the 2% left, only .5% stand a chance of actually being skilled at this game.

Also, I actually only semi remember making that post. Fuck, man, I must’ve been plastered last night.

I’m thankful for Yuuki. He won his first Japanese tourney tonight and ocv’ed all teams.

New #1 yun? Pyrolee must come to Japan and try!

Fuck your moose milk Igloo!

He still talks shit to other people and is still an asshole now, at least 2 months ago when i was on GGPO.
And didn’t he do the same to you when he didnt know who you were on PSN, like a few years back? Its even on the wiki page.
Except now he tries to cock ride well-kown players, otherwise hes exactly the same .

Here is his report to the admins to get the wiki page deleted… what a loser, so worried about his online reputation he has to make up lies

Let’s be real dude. You’ve had a problem with me ever since I pointed out that you stole the hacked rom of 4th Strike and tried to pass it off as your own and asked for donations. And ever since I’ve been on your little shit list and you’ve made it your goal to troll me. And you still haven’t learned from being exposed and are still stealing content made by others and passing it off as your own.

Get a fucking life dude.

Oh that’s all you can say about me every time… to take attention away from yourself…to discredit people who “expose” you. Typical you. We knew you were an asshole long before the 4thStrike rom… I “had a problem” with you out long before that because you behave like a jerk every day on GGPO/PSN/forums … don’t twist the facts. In fact i dont care what you point out about me.

Im not the only one who knows you are an asshole. Plenty of other people know your history… your shameful shameful history. It’s all in the wiki… oh wait, is that why you tried so hard to get it deleted?

Everybody can just read thewiki and know you are a twisted and sad little man…

Thankful that GGPO is still up and operational for the 3s scene. Otherwise we would have to use supercade garbage, which btw is in danger of shutting down anyway.

Ps- Fuck 3SOE

Take your meaningless trash talk and fuck off.

Thankful for the ignore button

this “louis” is such an asshole he marked my joke post in a joke topic as “off topic”.

Really? Go fuck yourself, scrub.

Only reason he did that is because he knows I know he’s a vidscrub.

I can attest to that but from the opposite view. A couple of years back we played some Savage Reign matches on Supercade
Had no idea about this underrated game and he explained to me the gameplay and its characters. Too bad he was the only advocate of that game there.

As for the rest, well there is a reason I dont frequent GGPO much or devote much time typing. Trash talk went to a whole new and personal level since mods are almost non-existant there. Or else I’d be forced to reply and waste my time
I remember even Dyne was fed up with this at one point. The few instances were someone tried to provoke me I took it very lightly.

I don’t know what I was smoking when I said I was thankful for every 3s SRK member

1/4 of you are fucking retarded