3rd Strike Tournament 2/24 LA Area

Hey guys sorry I know this is a little last minute. There will be a 2 person team SF3 3rd Strike tournament at E-Cup this Sunday February 24th.

Registration will begin at 11:00am and tournament play starts at 1:00pm.

The entry fee is $5.00 a person or $10.00 per team.

1st place takes home 70%, 2nd 20%, and 3rd 10%.

The teams that win two matches advance to the next round.

Address for E-Cup
S. EL MONTE, CA 91733

Some pretty talented players should be coming, hope to see you there.

is this off the 710 or the 10?

and what do you mean will advance to the next round? Are you using Yi wang Team tourney brackets for this?

I’ll try to come but if I do I’m coming alone. Hopefully someone needs a teammate.

Please keep 3s on two cabinets permanently, many people will come to E-cup to play it on a regular basis

Are you going? Wanna team up?

Not going to go. Sorry. Good luck.

thanks guys for the hospitality. should give more notice, there’s a lot of players in this area. cabinets were in great shape too.