3rd Strike Tournament GGPO


This is a GGPO 3rd Strike Tournament.

Prize: 3rd Strike Online Edition for either PS3 or 360. Your choice.

GGPO Tag Name:
Region: US or Canada

This register ends Sunday and tournament starts Monday. Single Elimination.

Best out of 3

Matches start at 3:30am (Monday the 15th and ends the 24th at 2:59AM EST)

GGPO Tag Name: Denjizz

Let get this HYPE.

Count me in.

My name on GGPO is: yodooder
Time Zone: Central
Region: US

Can I enter on behalf of my friend too?

His name is: Katy_Parry
Time Zone: Central
Region: US

He doesn’t want to make a SRK forum account to enter himself because he’s a baby.

That’s not an issue Yodooder. :slight_smile:

GGPO Handle: neiman
Location: USA
Time Zone: Pacific

I’ve got one more buddy I’d like to enter while the getting’s good because my friends are babies and can’t speak for themselves. If you don’t mind that is…

Name: MurdarMachene
Location: US
Time Zone: Pacific

Keep bring more friends. Lets make this hype.

GGPO Tag Name: Kurushio
TimeZone: Pacific
Region: USA

GGPO- Neko X
Time Zone- Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone
Region- USA!!

We only have 3 days remaining. Lets get this higher!!

what’s the minimum entry count you want to ensure that this tourney happens? i’d be able to help spread the word on ggpo

If we can get at least 15 people.

GGPO Tag Name: Sensei Sounds
TimeZone: Pacific Standard Time
Region: United States

GGPO Tag Name: PillowNinjad
TimeZone: Central
Region: US

This will end at 2:59AM EST (Monday which will be at 11:59PM for west coast).


timezone eastern
Region UsA

GGPO Tag Name: Barhoum
TimeZone: Eastern Standard Time
Region: US