3rd Strike Tournament GGPO

GGPO Tag Name: Ruya
TimeZone: EST
Region: US

GGPO Tag Name: Scutti
TimeZone: EST
Region: US

Still got till 2:59AM EST

@goforbroke. what time does the tournament start on monday. I think you should put that in your header. And also how will the matches be cooridnated? Via GGPO CHAT? IRC?

I don’t know much about a SRK’s IRC. This will be done via GGPO more likely. I’ll be sending everyone a Private Message to alert them.


Tournament is up.

Try that instead. ^^;

Thanks. :slight_smile:


@goforbroke i’m still confused.


I don’t understand how the tournament begins today and ends on the 24th? Can you please elaborate. Sorry for the confusion…

PSN releases on 23th and XBL releases on the 24th. I don’t know what time the XBL lives updates on the 24th.

so what’s up with the tournament?

Some of these players should be active. If they’re not going to be active. Don’t know why register!!

Next time. I’ll ask for e-mail or a fast way to get in contact.

so when is the touranment then? is it cancelled?

The tournament ends on the 24th. So, we have till now till the 24th to finish all matches. This isn’t a one day event.