3rd strike tourney 4/13 (japan arcade, los angeles, CA)


333 s. alameda suite 206
los angeles ca 90013
2nd floor little tokyo galleria behind the escalator

parking is free for the first hour and 2 hours free with a stamp from the arcade.

3rd Strike tourney this friday 4/13
2/3 games
2/3 rounds
double elim
winner keeps same character, is allowed to change super.
$5 entry fee
60/30/10 prize distribution

hopeful start time of 8:30pm-9:00pm


This is pretty last minute, but I might be able to make it after work. Which cabs will the tourn be on, and are the sticks gonna be fixed? Last time I went, the big blue US ones were so busted up.




Thank you for your question. We currently have 2 American Head to Head set ups and 1 sit-down Japanese cabinet. Those are our only functioning 3S cabinets at the moment, we apologize for the inconvenience if you prefer Japanese head to head over American.

We’re doing everything in our power to make sure that the sticks and buttons are in working condition and will be ready for the event. We will most likely move the 3S cabinets around to accommodate the space necessary for the event so that the 3S cabinets will be in the central area of the Arcade.

Big Thanks to Watson for helping us spread the word, this is Paris of Japan Arcade. And with that Good Luck. We hope to see you there!


American sticks…(T_T)


Thanks for the reply. I’m glad to hear that the sticks and buttons will be worked on for the event. I don’t really mind American cabs, as long as they are properly maintained(the one time I went to CTF, their showcase American cab had amazing sticks despite being bats). I understand that it can’t really be helped, but like I said, I don’t mind. I’ll try to make it to the event, since 3S tourns aren’t as common these days. Thanks again!


roundhouse cdb xx win.


retsu go aku!


last time I was at japan arcade they had an astro setup, is it gone?


It is not gone, in fact this is the Japanese cabinet we have running at our arcade. Not sure if we will have anymore Japanese cabinets set up for this tournament though. Again, sorry for the inconvenience if anyone has a preference on the cabinets they play.


Hum. I don’t mind getting cozy. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is, if I do get to show up.


duro, aku where were you guys?!?!

fun tournament!


Friday the 13th fucked me in the butt(power went out in my place, had to make up for a whole day of not working by…working at night). ;(


Thank You to everyone to made it to Japan Arcade last night, we hope you enjoyed your visit. There were more competitors than we had anticipated! Congratulations to the winners, we’ll get on our video footage ASAP.

There are many things for us to learn from this experience (at least for us as staff). Feel free to DM me with tips, advice, likes or dislikes about what happened at our event and I will take note of it for my coworkers. I hope that we can improve whatever necessary to make it even better next time. :slight_smile:


Damn I want to make it out to the next one… wtb car


good stuff…looking forward to results / videos


Bracket was a little weird so I don’t know all of top 8 but top 4 was…

  1. Pyrolee (YU)
  2. JR Rodriguez (GO)
  3. pherai (GO)
  4. NG Marc (UR)

JR said he’d be putting the videos up on his yt account


i really envy you guys :
so is this place the new “home” of socal 3s ?
no chance of a denjin resurrection somehow ?


na not really. fun tournament but from what I hear most of the time its hard to find people to play. it’s also in an area that is far for many 3s players. ryan’s place is more of a home for socal 3s right now haha. I’ll keep supporting the tournaments here though.

and yeah, the dream of denjin is over and dead :frowning:


GGs guys and fun tournament! Of course the optimal setup would be Japanese h2h but it was very nice seeing new faces and people genuinely interested in third strike…will definitely be back to keep the tourney scene and 3s going