3rd Strike Tourney - No. County San Diego

PC Game Link
718 Rancho Santa Fe Rd.
San Marcos, Ca 92078

April 21st Saturday - 5pm-??

Console Version - PS2, AE


Double Elimination style
Two TVs, ps2’s

7$ per person

1st place 65%
2nd place 25%
3rd place 10%

We could do ST also if anyone wants to do that too.

when do people play 3s here?

3s Tourney I’m Down

I’ll be there and I’ll bring a couple people with me.

who is abomination? do you play 3s in SD?

i probably would be down for this but most likely ill be at ffa.

I play 3s in SD and have played at game link before. There are good people that play there. Check it out.

when do people play there??

Usually on wednesdays because they’re open til midnight. It’s good evo practice because they play all evo games except tekken. I’m usually there on wednesday and theres always people to play. Also if you post in advance they can get people to show. Check it out

tell people to go on wednesday, im going to try and make it.

Anyone good play marvel there?

I’ll go if you guys are gonna do an ST tournament also.

–Jay Snyder

I’ll show up for some 3s casuals today, I’ll be there around 4pm to whenever.
I’m bringing two more people with me.
PS2 right?

I like to do ST also
If we get enough people.

If anyone is up for ST tourney also, please post if you want ST also

I’m down for ST

Do you guys have a match making thread for this place? This place is pretty close to me. Does any1 play guilty gear?

im going to show up today, check this place out before the tourney. ill be there around 4:30. hopefully theres people are playing 3s.

I just got back from PC game link (this is the tall, skinny, white guy with bread). Actually a very cool place, chill people, good comp and close to my school!

I’m going to have to get back into 3s and return for blood! Can’t make it this saturday because of work, but I will be coming just about every wednesday I can.

Now please excuse me as I pray to the Kurada God (Study Q on youtube).

I’m in for ST and 3s

Ryan and Louie good to meet you both. Ryan sorry our comp was you siiting on the couch beetin everyones ass. You guys were chill come back any time. Louie come back for some ST casuals. Rush Down good to meet you also props to anyone who plays Q. I’ll be there on friday if anyone wants to play. If not hope to see everyone on saturday for the tourney.


This could be stupid question but from what I see entrance to the tournament is 7 dollars. Is there any other expense that I may not know about? Such as an entrance fee or anything? I just want to know what I’ll be spending so I’m just double checking cost.

i think this place is free on saturdays and wednesdays, so all you need is 7 bucks for the tourney and bring your own stick. hope to see you there tenchi.