3rd Strike Training Mode Emulator


Here’s a vid explaining the menu options for the 3s training mode emulator, basically gives the options to show the HUD of inputs, charges, air juggle timer, denjin view, etc. If anyone can clarify what the last 3 bars mean at the end of the vid, by all means please do! I couldn’t find a thread that explained this entirely so I figured to post this here and also for those who want to get the emulator. All links are in the description of the video along with time stamps. I used annotations to clarify the air juggle timer and parry view sections

3rd Strike Training Mode Emulator Guide


This is fantastic man wowee!
I love seeing all that gorgeous data in real-time! So helpful for development (and also for trying crazy shit).


dude this is awesome. thanks so much for this :tup:


Much obliged good sir.


That’s really fucking good. Might pick up the game again.


We’ve all got our fingers crossed.


do we have any info anywhere on the number of frames it holds onto inputs?
and if those inputs decay on their own or if a new input delays the decay and what not.

so many questions.


Hard to tell, the emulator script itself lets you know the accuracy of your inputs at least when you have the input view on since it shows the frames in between button presses, etc. Other than that (in terms of general input delay) I’m not sure.


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This is great, I’ll definitely look into it when I get a PC.


This is really interesting - definitely going to give it a go soon. Thanks a lot for sharing.


It doesn’t work for me :((( I am so sad. I really needed that scrolling-input-display script for my training. Win 7 here.


What exactly is the problem you’re having?


Does this still work?


works fine