3rd Strike Tv


3stv#8 w/english subtitles.
“Europe Sbo Qualifer”



Never seen this before. Its really cool seeing all the players from all across Europe who are really passionate about the game. Hopefully we’ll see some videos of the German, Spanish, and Austrian players popping up on youtube now.


Those were some cool interviews, nice seeing what an international scene is like.


sick! love to see stuff like this.

you should record something similar for the international players at SBO (if you’re going!)


excellent-excellent rubs hands


It was fun to watch that. The Austrians are kinda cocky, lol.


Yes, we will try to make 3sTv about The international tournament at Game Newton, about SBO 07, and KsK gamer’s Vision.

Thank you for your support!



naz ftw >8-)


Great video !

Looking forward to more.


Too bad they didnt record my 2 OCV.


it’s nice how 3s can unite nations as such


woot, another use of a SFEX soundtrack ^.^


Great stuff :tup:


That would be really cool, please do this!


The French too in fact …except that half of it wasn’t subbed to begin with :rofl:

Good to see 3sTV goes international, you guys do some good job


That was nice :tup:


This is really cool. I hope this goes somewhere. It’d be tight if we could meet up with foreign players. Im all about that!


If I am not mistaken doesn’t Harmonaz post here?


Episode 8 at 4:37. Is that guy wearing an Umehara soccer jersey?!?! that’s fucking awesome.

Great show guys. I went back and watched some of the original episodes, holy shit do I need to work on my French.

Really good watch though, you guys got a lot of top players taking part and that’s pretty cool!! Keep it up.


you are not mistaken