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Special Thanks to Ksk, Tokido, Mago and all 3rd Strike players to being here this day.



Ah, I was watching this… This is superb…

wow this looks pretty cool…there should be more of these produced much more often…i also noticed it said #9…is there ones before these from Gamersvision

Watching this now awesome job.

these vids r fun to watch yo. the first french guy got dissed hard by mago.

wassup france, tell billy he s my hero, see you guys in august!

The other ones have some footage from their scene including the euro sbo qualifiers.

There are no eng subs, so it wouldn’t be as fun to watch if you actually know their language heh.

Message pour les francais: J’espere vous voir et vous casser la gueule un jour les mecs! :lovin:

Ce sera sympa serieusement.:karate:

Thank you :slight_smile:
I’m on a translation about all others 3stv, be patient.

In fact, this is Hatim who got dissed… he always sings during the ranking.
Hatim is a Uk player//

@Chi-ritchy: hehe quand tu veux mec!! :wink:
D’ailleurs, si tu veux m’aider traduire les autres 3stv, y’a pas de soucis!

yeah i realized it when i did a search…it seems pretty good when its at Gamersvision…you actually get to see from a spectators point of view how the scene is and how things are run…good shit…now how about doing this for an SBO qualifier in japan :stuck_out_tongue:

End of June there will be a 3stv about the SBO 07. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say it was very nicely done. I approve of this endeavor.

Haha Mago’s famous robe, too good.

Nice stuff man, thanks!

KO looks like he has some hispanic blood in him or something.

lol :tup:

good shit

very cool. Nitto looks like a pretty sweet dude. I like the guy with the mask on his face to protect him from sars. I’m sure playing in there would be a truly amazing experience. Scary as shit i bet. Tokido is pretty funny. They rip hatim apart and that prefffur guy kinda bothers me alot.

The mago guy kinda seems like a dick. Wonder if he talks shit on everyone or just saves it for the foreigners.

Mago’s sweet. He plays everything. He’s like Kuroda…one of those guys that you just have to let him be because of who he is. Everyone knows Kuroda’s a big jerk but that’s probably why he’s so good in the first place. He just cares about winning. He’s a big jerk and everyone thinks he’s Chuck Norris and respect him any ways.

almost end of june…i cant wait for this one lol SBO 07 boii

Well since no one has posted this http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=pBz-TqUQM7Y
I want to play there atleast once.