3rd strike using my T.E


it’s been a while since i have posted on here and i have (what i think is a good question.)
i have the anniversary collection on ps2, my ps3 will play it but i cannot use my round two stick. anyone know of a way to use that instead of my controller? i would much rather use that instead of the controller. any ideas? thanks ya’ll.


you can use your TE on your bc PS3 if it was modded with a ChImp(I know because I play PS2 games on my 60GB).


did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:


yea i got it i just don’t know what chip i would need. man! i want to play third strike with my round 2!


He said Chimp, not chip. It is a custom PCB. TEs (aside from the Chunli edition?) will not do backwards compatible modes on PS3.



are they hard to install? this would be the first technical mod done to one of my te’s.
just don’t want to screw it up.


Chun-Li does BC?

Fuck I’m about to test that right now.


I just tried my 60 with SFAC and no go.


Like all Mad Catz FightStick for PlayStation 3, the Chun-Li TE “S” does not do Backwards Compatible.
What the Chun-Li TE “S” can do that other PlayStation 3 FightStick cannot, is work 100% on PC.


So if I have a PS3 TE, I just need to replace the PCB with a Cthulhu (MC if I want to add GC (TvC woot) or other older systems) to use it with SF Anniversary and other PS2 BCness right? The CHIMP (Cthulhu + Imp) is for 360 versions to do both 360 and PS3?


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