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What about no ho?


wow great resource @"Mitri MF"‌

I’m going to sticky this!


TheShend: I added your master video list. Are there any important active channels I left out that you notice right away? I’ll go through your list.

NMF: Cheers, I liked doing those updates. I think the lack of conversation is also just because of the forum dying. Outdated concept and all that. :smile:
Would you like Vanao Oro over the Oro specialists? I like him cause it’s sort of an excuse for my own stupid gambles with Oro.

Dander: I think you’re doing a funny, but it’s in the list.

Thanks for the sticky Pherai.


was just about to ask for oro videos lol.


Recently, versus uses only twitch and newton uses only niconico. Might want to switch that up.


Ok I’ve added those.
Game Versus still seems to upload to Niconico though, only a couple of days ago.


TheShend actually has videos of me playing at a now-dead arcade from 8 years ago. Sick stuff, thanks for the memories.

Thinking about it, those videos must be 10+ years old at the very least. That place closed down a long time ago.


You can hear me yell out “ghetto” after I get him with the trick hahaha

This is one trick Kuroda has never seen. It’s a duckcanoe classic baby.

This is documented proof that I came up with this shit hahahaha Thanks TheShend!


What was that from by the way? I just realised the description contained just an opinion, back when I did that and before I realised I knew jack shit.

I packed that in sharpish and just stuck to facts like what, who, where & when.


That was from an Arcade in Burnaby BC called Johnny Zee’s aka JZee’s.

Lots of top Canadian players played in there including ATM Spidertao (hands down best MvC2 player in Canada who beat Sanford and Xecutioner when they went to Toronto back in T6 i think it was), JJJ (arguably best CvS2 player in Canada, best S-groove player in the world who beat Dr. B in a MM in an S-groove mirror, he was an A-groove player mostly though) and me, arguably best 3s player in the north west (I never played East coast Canadians)

We never really filmed much, so there isn’t much of us online…

We did stupid shit like this instead:

That was one rare occasion when we were filming because I was trying to be the first to get the Makoto Full stun on video. I managed to do it and put it online on a website called illusionsofoasis (dead now). I don’t think that video survived or was seen by many lol.


Haha, I remember seeing a few of your vids like that. IIRC there was a vid of Kuroda’s Q vs. Thanatos Oro where you wrote in the description “Nice escape by Kuroda at xx:xx” - where he used SAI to get out of the corner. Subsequently whenever I used SAI as Q and whiffed it I’d refer it as “escaping” for shits and giggles.

I think you should still write like that, but keep it to the comments section.


I can volunteer to be one of the translators of the matches and players if you need. Cheers.

By the way louis why you trying so hard to get wiki admins to delete your page again? LOL


Did you mean for the other thread, RVN? The Official Match Videos thread
Anyways, all initiative is welcome of course.


Ha I remember that name, Spidertao, does he still play?


He moved to Korea back in 09 for work, and he became good friends with Laugh IIRC. He even placed top 3 in the Korean National tournament for Vanilla SF4… As for games that matter though, he hasn’t played in a long time, just when he comes back to BC to visit.

But he’s still a monster in MvC2.

There’s another MvC2 player named Mephisto from BC who won the Japanese MvC2 national tournament back in 02 or 03, beating players like Liquid Metal and Nun. He’s basically 2nd best in Canada, and it’s great to watch him and Tao play sets. He beat Tao more last Summer, so I’d say Tao isn’t playing too much anymore

Random Canadian OG lore haha


The Boiler Room has a live channel now. I added it to the list.


Added A-cho’s live channel.


I replaced Game Newton’s old live channel with their new (?) live channel.


Ok, finally started adding channels based on TheShend’s master list. For now:

AM Fantasista
Big One

And from Game Space Vegas’ website I gather that arcade died.


2014/1/25 変更






Game Space Vegas (Osaka) - channel / live channel

RIP Hayao’s lair



Leebros (Osaka)