3rd Strike vs 2nd Impact

Call me nub, but what are the differences? Also how bout the first Streetfighter III? Are the changes that significant? Also does anyone know what was changed on the PS2 version compared to the arcade?

i think the PS2 version is perfect to the cade

as for the three different Sf3’s…

NG: parry timing was weird. no ex moves. shoto’s can’t air hurricane.
SI: directional commands for UOH’s, parrying was super easy
3S: Slower, instant commands for UOH’s, no more f+attack = throw, red parrying

there’s a lot more differences, but those are the ones that come to mind at 8am

The new home ver has Urien’s unblockables back too and no input delay like the DC.

some other si differences are:
ryu has 2 denjin
ibuki sa3 completely changed
dudley’s flying attack gone

in double impact ibuki and sean were top tier too

isn’t the xbox version arcade perfect too?

uhh…and you can parry low/forward in the air in second impact

And both NG and SI had some nice super backgrounds when you did a SA. I liked that and was kinda disappointed that 3S didn’t have a super background. Main thing that I liked that NG and SI was a command UOH and no two button throw.

i didn’t like the command UOHs.

tap down 2 times + punch was tedious :lol:.

the 2 button throws are much easier for me and they also expand the character’s normal move list by adding twds + something. instead of the throw, it’s an added punch or kick.

the backgrounds for Super Arts in NG & 2ndImpact were cool though.


personally, i appriciate the 2 button throws and 2 buttons UOHs.

  1. kara throws rock and add to the technicality
  2. UOH’s aren’t telegraphed at all. there are ways to buffer it obviously, but sometimes you WILL see a random crouch.
  3. f+attack for throw is quite lackluster in innovation, and annoying to pull off. i’d rather just use two buttons. that’s one reason i used to like tekken more than street fighter. throwing actually required thought, and if you missed, it wouldn’t be an attack, instead it would be a missed throw in which case you are prone to being assraped

One button throws are the devil

Think there were victory screens like SFII’s in NG (maybe SI). Not with just one character talking trash, but with the defeated player in the background.

In NG you can’t parry out of Resets. Dudley/Yun/Yang especially take advantage of this.

NG: Yun/Yang had the exact same movelists. Yes, this means you could have Yang doing Genei Jin.

Yun/Yang also had an EASY Genei-Jin Corner Infinite that works on Gill and may work on others. (whatever GJ combo into this ender -> St.forward -> forward rollkick -> st strong (forces Gill back on his feet)-> st fierce -> Back + Fierce (meter refilled) XX Activate GJ (repeat)

Ibuki has a corner infinite juggle involving SA2->(infinite starts here) DP+K -> one of her normals (forgot which) -> repeat

Juggle enders in general were wierd and don’t seem to follow the rules of juggles in 3S. Hitting the opponent with some launchers near the end of a juggle seems to reset the juggle count?

No Tech Throws.
Ultimate Guard on. (once you block one attack of a combo you block the whole combo automatically)

SI: Juggles still wierd. (Yun repeated shoulder GJ combo just will not work properly)

Movelists heavily modified.