3S 2v2 Hypefest Bonanza 2 Chinatown Fair ,NYC SATURDAYthe 23rd

Results From Hypefest Bonanza 1
Team Flare: Flare (Ryu) KOfiend (Chun)
Team Bodler: Anson (Ryu) Kevin (Necro)
Team Free: Mutantxp (Necro) Frankie (Ken)

Same Character Throughout
Cant have 2 of the same character on a team (Chun Chun…etc)
$10 Per Team

Winning Team Takes All

Registration begins at 5pm, Tourney will start at 6pm
Hope to see everyone there again:woot:

23rd of this month?

My logic says it’s for this Saturday -_-

Dood! You posted a tournament 1 day before the tournament! What in your mind tells you this is a good idea? If you want to host a tournament for the Cf crew and the NYC area just tell them on Facebook. This leaves no room for people to plan on making it to the event.

**I was supposed to make it for the first one, but wasn’t able to due to work. Gotta make that $$$ before I spend it on that sanwa setup they have @ CTF…I only wish the other cabinet had that as well.

I won’t be able to make it to this tournament, but please keep posting it up via Facebook ahead of time and you’ll be straight.

Good luck to all that will be participating**


Team Save the Hatians will be there.

there is usually no planning involved for the cf crew to make it who is the main focus of the tourney…whoever shows up will, and whoever doesnt wont…its very simple…im sure u can comprehend that

The main focus of a forum like SRK is to inform people everywhere of this event thus bring new people to help our game flourish. If you want a buddy tournament then poke them on facebook instead of posting a tournament a day before the event and making the “Cf crew” look dumb and unorganized.