[3s] Am I good enough?

Just wanted some input from the pros. Im hosting a tourney , with close to 100 ppl from different countries ( on of the players is former Dutch sf2 champion and general gaming prodigy ). And Im wondering if i have ANY potential at all.

This rar contains 12 3s matches , and 3 ST matches , of me using various characters , playing against a local opponent.

Dont expect MUCH tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways , do you have any quick pointers \ complaints , lemme know.
Oh yeah , im on the left side in all the matches.

Vids are up on youtube now :


Am I good enough to :

a) Beat people who have never played fighting games before?
b) Beat people who have played SF2 occasionally?
c) Beat people who have played SF2\Alpha3 a LOT?
d) Beat people who have played 3s on occasion for fun?
e) Win the tournament in July ? ( Toughest opponents are 1 SSF2 player , 2 Alpha3 players , a former Dutch WW champ , and 3 people who own 3s , but I have no idea about their skill )

Edit 9/09-2007:

Yes Im back. I guess your wondering , " does he still suck?" the answer of course , is yes , but I like to think i suck a tiny bit less now.

Im going to London for a small 3s tournament in 4 weeks , and so starts the warm ups.


The vids in question are " Second Coming Week 1 , p1-p6 "

My vid editing programs died on me , so bare with me on some of the rounds stopping due to replay hiccups and such.

Also , Im going to Trocadero , so if anyone wants to kick my ass real good and whip me into shape , please drop me a line here or PM.

Thnx again.

I enjoy watching things like this, downloading, will take 4 minutes or so, then I’ll watch afterwards and edit this post.

is this real video…or a virus trap…

Based on the first match (Balrog vs. Ryu), your opponent just does jump attack and sweep, while you aren’t punishing this totally obvious pattern. Also, after a knockdown, you keep walking forward right into him and doing the same thing (jabbing four times), mix it up a bit and space yourself…you’re extremely predictable in everything you do.

Your opponent does do some random HK hurricane kicks from time to time, that’s about the only unpredictable part of his gameplay. And when he does do this, you should be punishing him while crouching under, which you aren’t doing.

Seriously though, it’s hard to believe your opponent (the Ryu player) is a conscious human being…it’s really that bad. It seems more like a very badly made deterministic program. There doesn’t seem to be a single brain cell being used in that match, by that player. Atleast you, on the other hand, seem to just wait for him to do his usual jump and sweep, then punch him…but you still have to punish more!

And one last thing, PLEASE do not ever say your opponent is “decent”. Even if it is put in quotes…it’s just far too insulting to the SF community.

You and your opponent should both ask yourself: based on what I’m doing right now in the match, what reason do I possibly have to believe that what I’m doing is actually going to hit the opponent? It applies far more to your opponent though. Edit: I just watched one of the SF3 ones, same deal. He just jumps and sweeps. If he ever knocks you down, he goes up to you, crouches in position until you get up, then sweeps. How obvious is that?

So yeah, I’m harsh but realistic…that Ryu player is horriblex10, and you’re just a bit better…I suggest you go to youtube, look for a user named vclilith and his collection of SF3 third strike SBO videos. Watch all the players there, and try to understand what they are doing and why they are doing it.

I’m regretting downloading 200MB of crappy videos, but I guess if you’re really dedicated to getting better, I could watch them and point out stuff.

I’m Dutch and I’m curious to know: who is this Dutch SF2 champ?! Also, where can I find some info on this tournament?

I didnt say it was gonna be good. Maybe I should have pointed that out even more tho :rolleyes: This was filmed at 4 at night , after serious amounts of alcohol.

But yeah , I agree with close to everything you say. Yes , I suck ( havent played ST more than maybe 30 hours , 10 of which when drunk , and 3s 50 hours , 40 of which drunk. ) And yes I`m dedicated to getting better , but the guy I played is the “best” around where I live , so you see getting some real training is more of a zbattle-only thing for me at this point.

So if you could , pointing out my mistakes , and good forbid , ok-bits:P , would help me out , and Id appreciate it. THAT being said , I havent watched the vids since I got sober , but I seem to remember the Balrog matches went extremely bad.

Also thanx for taking your time and downloading and watching the vids , alltho im sure they wont give YOU anything. I just wanna be buffed up before this tourney.

Uhm , its ancient , so online info almost certainly doesnt exist. It was in 1993-94 i believe , and his name is Steven Zwartjes. You can search around some if you want , but I doubt youll find anything.

What the fuck is this.

So you came on here to post videos of yourself, to see if you’re a strong enough player to compete, or if you suck. Everyone rightly tells you that, yes, you do suck. Then you come out with this pathetic attempt to try and save face: “Well I was really drunk, and tired, and I had one eye closed, etc. etc”.

Either stop lying to try and save your fighting game dignity, or stop jerking people around with half-assed efforts at SF2.

Dude, post up your vids and tell the truth without using a charade.

…that went well.

Hey hey chill. I KNOW i suck . I just wanted to get some pointers etc. But i realize that the vids i posted aren exactly top-notch ( even for me ) . That being said , my general style and way of playing is prolly visible. Just there AINT no mix-up game :confused:

Im not trying to save face. I dont have “face” so it doesnt matter. Just want some pointers to become " decent " :wgrin:

EDIT : Bear Ryoma , im not lying or anything. But I realize NOW that maybe I should have made some vids when sober ( not sure if itll matter tho ) , but the guys I play are only here during weekends ( and usually that means drinking ) . One of them MIGHT come over today actually , maybe ill make some more. But judging from the hostility so far , im guessing you guys arent EAGER to get your hands on more material :looney:

yikes… i remember Emil’s “you just don’t understand” and i feel bad for him downloading all that.


  • jump on youtube.com and look up following channels: “TheShend”, “TSC”. lots of good vids to observe and learn from.
  • use youtube so we don’t have to download a bigass zip file. this way ST players can critique ST matches, etc.
  • don’t post vids of you playing drunk or in any way handicapped (unless you want tips on how to play drunk).
  • meh, it’s supporting the scene. I’ve played SMB under the influence and it looked 3D!

Better to get a multiple bird’s eye analysis of your battles than to do it through your own eyes.

As for fighting, it’s better not to make an excuse for playing poorly. Play your best at all times, regardless of your opponent. They can even be your grandmother and you still have to play to beast her down to giving her an excuse to use her rocker.

…that went well.

Thats better , SOME constructive criticism. Yeah sorry about the filesize.

As for the playing , i dont play extremely different when im sober i spose. Im prolly trying to do pretty much the same , cept timing and execution is a bit down.

Match 71 looked decent ( not in the words true sense of course ) in my eyes when i saw it today. Dunno about what you guys think.

Also another thing I’d consider is picking one (or possibly two) characters and sticking with them all the way. This is generally the mentality used by the top players, especially the Japanese. Pick a character and learn everything you possibly can about them. From the videos, it would seem you use all characters.

I’d post up some really good ST matches at SBO but the last time I posted SBO content, my post got deleted…it’s apparently not allowed.

Edit: After watching more, I’d take back some of the things I said…about you being “just a bit better” than your opponent. You’re probably a lot better than him…but again, that isn’t saying much considering how bad he is. In fact, his badness is probably why you’re getting hit by a lot of his things, because his gameplay is so mind bogglingly bad that it plays mindgames on you.

Uhm , I played several on purpose , so you could judge who I control the best. After watching some of them today , I`d say ken prolly. But anyways , thats the reason I played several chartacters. Usually I play Hugo when we have these get togethers , just for fun , but Im more comfy with shotos or chun, and on occasion Dudley and urien.

You dont need to post any vids , Im capable of finding them myself. Ive seen a LOT of high quality vids , but I have so little experience , that Im not applying that much into my playing as of yet.

And what you said about the mindgames , is prolly true to some extent. He whores his jump-in RH - cr.RH , so I usually block and counter , but I like to think hes gonna mix it up eventually. He almost never does , but sometimes he miss-times it , or does it differently , and thats enough to throw me of his pattern :rolleyes:

But as for vids , first off , what fighter do you suggest I pick , and which player should I watch vids from? Ive seen almost all of Ohnuki and Daigo`s vids. But maybe I should watch some mid-level players first?

Watching match videos is only part of getting better. My suggestion…go get the Bradygames SF Anniversary Edition guide (since it’s co-written by Mr. Wizard with contributions by top players in the fighting game community). I consider it the closest thing we have (outside of Japan) to a Street Fighter Player’s Bible. It has frame data, move analysis, and advanced gameplay discussion. If you are SERIOUS about 3S and ST/AE…go get it. I’m sure ebay offers cheaper prices, but here’s a link to the book via Amazon. It helped me out a great deal and i have recommeded it to many players already. Before analyzing vids, you should learn to understand what the players are doing first, or else you won’t learn anything from it.

Also, i have tutorial vids on my YouTube page for ST by David Sirlin (from Capcom Classics Collection 2).

Beginner’s tutorial part 1+2:







if you upload the vids individually to youtube youll probably get more comments…i for one am not gonna wait for 200mb of vids to download :confused:

Does he play the newer games? CvS2, 3S, MvC2?

Got info on that tourney you’re planning?

Yeah I know. But when I play at such a low level , ppl on youtube can become REAL asses. So maybe ill upload them somehwere and post them individual. I know 200 MB is a stretch.

Nope , he hadnt played since 94 or something , before I talked to him about zbattle like a year ago. He picked it up almost straight away again. AFAIK he only tried 3s once , but thats it.

Info on tourney , sure uhm , there is the KartRadio message board. http://kartradio.proboards81.com/index.cgi?board=nlg&action=display&thread=1172538570

and MarioKart MB http://www.mariokart64.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1152834452

The latter one contains MUCH more info , but some is old , and changed. Nothing`s really set in stone yet , but if I get my cabinet in working order in time , the tournet will be held on an Arcade with ST.

Strider : Yeah ive seen those Sirlin vids. Nice stuff . And that bible sounds interesting to say the least. Ill actually have a look for that.

Asking if you’re “good enough to compete” is an impossible question.

You’re either always “good enough to compete” and you go out there, and no matter if you 2 and out, you learn SOMETHING and become a better player so that next time you might get a couple of wins.

If you’re not sure or not good enough to compete, and you stay home, you will continue to be a scrub and suck forever.

My advice to you is to go there and get your ass beat… unless your ego can’t handle it.


What’s your nick on Zbattle? Did that past dutch champion play on Z as well?