3s and Brawl gathering in Concord/East Bay, possible 3s tourney

Anyone interested in being a part of a 3s tourney in the east bay? My friend and I were thinking of hosting one next week annnnnd are looking for more people to play. We would play mainly 3s on PS2 but could probably get a Brawl set going if there was enough interest. If people aren’t interested in a tourney, we’re also pretty cool with just playing casually.

edit: here is the official info

hey where do you live?

I live in martinez and me and a couple of my friends play 3s, smash and mvc2.

I live in Walnut Creek, close to Concord.

too far for me without a car, you guys are welcome to come play in oakland at my spot too.

Brawl and 3rd strike? Wow you’ve been reading my diary havent you?
Count me in, let me know details and stuff and Ill play in both for fun or tourney!

have mvc2 tourneys and i’m down to go. =]

what day are ya planning to do it on?

i’m not sure yet, probably after wednesday next week though…i’m gonna have to look at people’s schedules, i should be able to come up with a firm date pretty soon

are you planning on having any gathering at all. what is your S/N.

yea i am haha… sorry if i can’t have details yet, i wanted to put it out there early to see if there was interest, IM me on aim at chineselightninx

I’m down depending on the day.

it’s looking like monday march 31st, contact me for an exact address if you can make it!

we’ve got 8-10 coming now

:lol: I’m really :lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin: brawl the 31st is a monday so I may be able to make it for smash but not sure yet.

this gathering will be in my house. I live very close to the walnut creek bart, about a 10 minute walk from there. I want people to start showing up around 2ish, you can come a little bit earlier if you want but no earlier than 1. As I like my sleep. This is going to be bring your own stick and bring your own controller (for brawl). We will have 3 set ups probably, 2 third strike and 1 brawl. If we do have a third strike tournament (we will ask on the day to see if enough people are interested), it will be 5 dollars entry fee and double elimination bracket.

My address is 2318 buena vista ave.
If you have to call me for anything my cell phone is 925-705-2429

Directions to get to my house from bart:
-get off at the walnut creek bart
-go through the parking lot and go under the freeway
-Stay on the sidewalk, you should come across a jehovahs witness church
-Stay on the sidewalk until you get to the cross section, go left on it but stay on the right side
-On your right you should see a driveway go down, look at the signs on the right houses untill you see a sign that says “2318-2320”

  • I am in the house furthest down.

will people still be there at around 7:30 or is this too late to come.

we should be playing pretty late, just in case you should call around that time and I can tell you if people have started to leave or not.

I can bring an extra wii & smash if you need one. I’m pretty sure I’m going.

how much to enter the tourney? i live about five seconds away from you, lets play today, im hella bored.

okey dokey?