3s and kof2002 in Roncaro Pavese (Italy)

3rd Strike

  1. Shirl
  2. Shuren
  3. Fugo
  4. LEVA


  1. Son Goten
  2. master.jimmy
  3. Fran
  4. Shirl

omg that LEVA guy must be good!!! :clap:

he’s pretty decent indeed :tup: :rolleyes:

What happened to you Hol Horse?

Leva 4th is strong.

Would you mind listing the characters used?

Hol Horse aka Fugo.

Fugo came 3rd. Well done :tup:

Are there any vidz? I would like to see the level of 3s in italy, I know their tekken level is very high.

Raju_: Nonono… What i meant was, howcome he didn’t win. I thought he was the best they had. I guess he just had a bad day. :slight_smile:

Btw, do you have movies on the tourney?

Good job to all.

No, I think he told me that Shirl was probably the best in Italy.

Unfortunatly no vids from the tourney. The final matches were good imho, too bad we forgot the camera so there are no vids recorded.:sad:

Shirl [ken, alex, chun, others] is really strong, with many characters.:clap:
Shuren [mostly Alex, Urien, Chun].
Fugo [Urien, Yun, others] get always nervous during tourney.:bgrin:
Me [Ken, Ryu, Oro, others]: it was my first real tourney [i’ve started playing 3s on xbox since 5 months], lots of fun, lots of cool people a really nice day. Gotta learn more stuff on this game.:badboy:

I never said that I’m the best in Italy. Though he doesn’t own me for free, Shirl is definitely better than me, and there are a couple of players in Roma who are about his level.
Btw Shirl has regained his best shape, he played better than in Cannes and he has regained his damn Ume-shoryu (and ume-shippu) abilities :mad:
I should have placed 2nd but I got too nervous (I even got hit by 3 elbows -> SGHs, wft I usually never get hit by that shit :confused:), and I eventually lost 4-3 against Shuren in a dramatic Double KO (I mistimed a meaty and traded hits :sad:). Shuren told was actually surprised of eliminating me, but oh well, shit happens and I have still to learn to substain tournament pressure better (that’s a skill too, which I still have to learn lot about).

We weren’t able to make vids, but the finals were played on a big projection screen, it’s great with all the people cheering behind you.

Ok, Shirl should play against Mymoza then. My Ken stinks.

lol XD
Mymoza vs Shirl tourney matches on the Sunday tournay were pretty nice actually
It would be quite interesting to see them play again imho
I don’t even remember you using Ken (but I remember your Urien too well, props)
oh and btw, they are planning to make a big arcade tournament @ Extraball (the biggest arcade in Italy, in Roma), tentatively some weekend this July. We hope to have many european players attend, there are going to be cash prizes of course. I’ll post all the details as soon as everything is definite.
Are you interested? i really hope so

For results, you should list the number of players per game if you’re only showing top 4 results. It gives a better perspective on the size of the tournament. (If you list every player and ranking, then the point is moot.)

Hol Horse > I am certainly interested in a Roma (=Rome?) tourney + sightseeing combo, and there’s something similar in Amsterdam at the end of July as well…but I don’t know if I’ll still be in Europe at that time. As such, I probably won’t be able to make it. I’ll keep you guys posted.

kof2002: 14 players
3rd strike: only 7 players :. -> a lot more were supposed to attend (we were expecting a 15-20 men tournament) but there was a huge amount of last minute defections. Most of the missing players wouldn’t have had a chance to place, honestly, but still a bigger tournament would have been nicer.
As a partial justification, the location of the tournament was in an obscure little town, and it wasn’t advertised enough before. Too bad since the organizazion was actually quite nice and I enjoyed it.

J Blaze:
The tournament should be around half of July; for prizes there’s a vg shop that’s sponsoring the tournament, there will be consoles for first places, games and so on; if attendance number are high enough extra cash from subscriptions will be added to those prizes.
The tournament will be held exclusively on arcade cabinets, but they will provide lots of tv’s and consoles for freeplay (nothing prohibits us to run unofficial tournaments on consoles too).
I hope you can make it :tup: