3S and MOTW...was it made to be "easy"?

I noticed a long time ago that 3S had all qcf qcf or qcb qcb supers and so did MOTW. Parrying and Just Defend were easy to learn and to do. So was it designed to be “easier” for people new to fighting games?(I know they’re both really in depth games but I’m just wondering)

If you think either game is easy that already shows you still have much to learn.

You must only play against the cpu…

Huh, do you really think parry/JD and supers are REAL advanced techniques? Cause let me tell you :

  1. efficient parry/JD is not so easy to do in real vs matches (not to mention in tourneys when you have a lot more pressure on your shoulders)
  2. advanced techniques include things like links,kara-cancel, feint chains, command cancels, etc, etc. (I am not going to make a list)
  3. for many reasons, including the need of very precise timing and short time to input commands, if the inputs were very difficult to do, the games would be ten times harder to play than they are (and they are damn hard at high level)

This being said, it is your right to be curious about a game, and I am certainly not close to blame you for that :wink:

I think it’s more like they design the games to be easy to GET into, and I think that’s a good way to go. They have a lot of universal stuff in these games than their other games.

I just press buttons. :confused:

You don’t know how to play either game. Learning how to juggle people or doing break combos are intermediate level things, things that you don’t know. Advanced is when you put all the knowledge you have of the game together and formulate a strategy and play mind games with your opponent.

You have a long way to go.

Double quarter-circle motions are probably best. They allow a person to pick up a character quickly, and a good deal of combos would be much harder without them (super-cancelling and linking would be utter hell on my fingers otherwise).

Parrying and Just Defense aren’t exactly easy, though. The commands are simple, but so is any other non-character specific command. They require a well developed sense of timing, and you’ve got to be fairly quick to capitalize on the counter opportunities.

I think they are ‘sort’ of easy (with supers and such) to draw new players into the games. But Capcom and SNK also made sure the games had enough depth so that once the advanced players could have options and things to do.

I never said they were easy…I even said (I know they’re both in depth games). It’s just that it seems like it was Capcom and SNK’s last attempt to get new people to play. Perhaps the qcf qcf was more attractive than something like qcf, hcb or hcb hcb.

Geez, you think that just cuz the inputs of the supers are easy, that the games are easy?


Wow you’re all completely missing his point, he’s NOT saying the games are easy, but that Capcom and SNK were attempting to make it easier for people to get into it. Damn it wasnt that hard to get, esp after he EXPLAINED it.

honestly, yes, both sf3 and motw are easy games to pick up and learn the strategies. they are both incredibly deep, but they are easy to start to get into, a bonus i would imagine. i got right into both games, very first time i played em. like he explained, its not that they are easy, but they are easy to get into. i disagree that jd/parry are smple. jd was easier to get down, but guard cancel, feint moves, super cancels, jc…all this shit is so fucking deep and amazing, and difficult to master. i think thats why both games are so fucking amazing…even a total scrub like me can pick em up, start to get the feel pretty easily, but the depth you can take that knowledge could fill more time than any 5 rpgs…i dunno, i think its a good thing overall…

I was just thinking that in any of the two games, none of the advanced techniques are actually shown/discussed/quoted in the game or the game manual…

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3S and MOTW had more easy to use systems, but in the process made the games much deeper.

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