3s Arcade

I didnt know that tekken 5 in the arcade had ps2 ports.Do anyone know if 3s has any console ports either or any other sf game?

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for XBOX and PS2.

EDIT: My bad, but the original post was a bit ambiguous :\

That still didnt answer the question.

I don’t think any SF games have the ports because they are alot older than t5 (might be wrong)

He means controller ports on the actual arcade cabinet to use your own console pads/sticks.

As to the original question, I don’t know of any other game that has them. It’s a nice idea though considering all the sticks in the arcade I used to frequent were in a perpetual state of disrepair. Then again, there’s always the risk that some jackass will stick his gum in the ports.

if i recall…cvs1 or cvs1pro had them, i think they were japanese cab only though. beyond that, i dont think any capcom fighting game has had controller ports.

Capcom arcade releases never coincide with their home versions to the same degree that Tekkens always do. It just wouldn’t work out when they were released. I’m surprised Namco didn’t do it earlier.

With that said, in 2006 there’s no excuse. There should be some kind of adapter that allows console controllers/sticks to be hooked up to arcade machines, but I haven’t heard of anything like that. I guess in Japan there’s no need for such a thing.

uh… cvs1 was a capcom fighting game. And I’ve only ever seen t5 with them.

japanese naomi cabinets had dreamcast ports. im sure other obscure japanese cabinets had other current gen ports. who knows. as for american, t5 is the only one. sc2 and tekken 4 has the ports available on the arcade boards but they are disabled IIRC…

sabre - no they didn’t, the Japanese Capcom Impress Cabinet/Control Panel had DC controller ports not the Naomi cabinets themselves - I can take pics of mine if you like

I think that it would be a good idea. That may bring more people to fighting/arcade games, which is neccessary if any Americans ever want to see more 2d fighters. how many times have you asked someone who tries out a fighter for the first time, or loves them…but can’t use an arcade stick? With those ports… the problem is solved.

Well, except for the possible fact that the ports won’t accept 3rd party controllers.

I wish I could play in the arcades with my pad, as I can’t play on stick. But I also don’t want to risk messing up my controller if something is wrong with the arcade machine. Still, I would definitely use this feature.

That solves the problem for about thirty seconds, after which the noob gets owned and quits playing because it’s to hard to do <move> on a d-pad.

Man i think it would be a good idea.Thats one of the main reasons why i dont go to arcades cause of joysticks im so used to pads i grew up on pads.I think that was a good idea what they did for Tekken5.Wonder do vf have them.

news flash, you can hardwire any port into any cab, it’s simple, this isn’t always a feature. You just need a tech that knows what he is doing.

megalo: heh i take your word for it. lol. i thought that maybe they were specialized naomi cabinets for mvc2…

No need because the arcades sticks are perfect, why did namco do that anyway?? Waste of money :annoy:

not EVERYONE likes doing 13854983275 back, back, down movements per round on a stick. at least Namco gives their customers OPTIONS.

I’m in th same boat. It’s not that I’m against sticks, but at the University arcade, which is my only option, there’s always something wrong with them. The second player side doesn’t block low properly for two of the games that I play. And sometimes the mp button gets stuck on the 3S machine. The owner is a nice guy and he fixes them when people complain, but within five minutes, they do the same thing again.

And since I play most of my competition on console now using a pad, this would be 182937182398172908317230918273091827039 times better for me. And I’d actually go out to the cades more instead of wasting my money on a busted stick.