3s at EVO 2012?


Anyone going to be at Evo playing any Third Strike? I am planning to go this year (first evo/second major) and since I don’t play mvc, ssf4, kof, or sfxt I am looking for some 3s matches either casuals or money matches.

So any of you fools making the trip to Vegas? I need to at least play some games when I go there o_O


Find me. I’ll get you settled.


a new and improved Matt Daniels and Keninblack will be there

look forward to matches and getting drunk with Duralath lol


Everyone bring one CRT tv.


I thought there wasn’t going to be a 3s tournament this year


Not an official one, but a side tournament is bound to happen.

If not the casuals are nothing short of amazing if you get to know the right people.


I have a CRT. We’re good. And, uh, copious amounts of liquor. >.>


A friend of mine and I want to go to EVO but we’re not old enough to book a room at the Rio.





Not your cup of tea, old buddy? Oh well.

I remember, I bought beers for everyone that was with me during EVO finals. In honor of Ray Ramos, everyone got a Tecate. Except me because that just isn’t my style.




Hope y’all gonna play on a cab. Please record the matches : )


Nuki is going to EVO, you guys better have something set up lol


Just saw the front page article about Nuki too. Seriously thinking about attending EVO for the first time now.
Also, fingers crossed for that salty ass chun vs necro set that SHOULD happen. :wgrin:


I wouldn’t play chun, that’d be too easy. Maybe Q.

Cool that nuki is coming to evo. Although he’ll be pretty busy with sf4 and st. I doubt he’d have much free time to play 3rd Strike, and I’m sure he wouldnt be super excited to play 3soe lol.


I’ll be there. good luck, ryan, because you gonna need it.


Care to make it interesting?? Say $500?


Dude, that’s not fair. He’s just going to get a friend to bet like a grand that you’ll beat him and he’ll throw the fight.


That’s cool with me. I figure 500 will cover my hotel/gas/booze. Beers on me after I win!!


Hope Art wont chicken out, since he’s so good it will be free money and someone will finally humiliate Ryan who isnt that good imo

and after Art wins Ryan wont be so full of his shit