3s better for DC or PS2?

I have both systems, which is closer to arcade perfect?

i know mvc2 is DC, but not sure about 3s.

You need re-banned.

its a serious question, i dont want to buy the crappy version. im getting into the game. once you just answer the “stupid” question, then i will delete the thread.


PS2 is the closest you can get to arcade perfect. DC has input lag, some combos & unblockables don’t work on the DC version.

Also DC has the worst controller for Fighting games.

Why is PS2 preferred over Xbox?

Was curious.

I sold my two DC copies on Ebay for 35 bucks a piece.

Why anyone would pay that much for a super flawed version, with uglier graphics, input lag, screwed up combos and unblockables, wehn you can pick up a PS2 or Xbox version for 15-20 bucks is beyond me.

I guess it’s the same idiots who pay 80+ for the PS2 Marvel.

If you actually use the DC controllers for fighters. Who uses those though?

i do >>;; i dont have anything else for my DC atm… i plan to get a better contoller or hopefully an adapter for my arcade stick… though they run about 30$ i’ve heard

I did… and I still do :sweat:

i wanna know the same thing

and Mvc2 is doable on pad

I actually have a DC ascii pad, isn’t bad.

DC looks better. PS2 plays better. Both pads are crap for fighting games, so get a stick or a fighting pad.


Those were a Godsend. But once you go stick you can’t go back. Still have mines too. I could probably have the PCBs used for sticks. Hmmm…

As far as I know, most people who own the NA version for both consoles disagree. In all 3 videos modes the colours are washed out and something is just totally wrong (resolution scaled incorrectly, either blurry or grainy as hell, etc) on DC. PS2 version isn’t visually perfect either but everything looks way better to me when compared on the same TV.

I don’t know about that. I play my DC 3S on a monitor (VGA box) and PS2 TV, but it’s looks a lot better on a monitor… probably if I had a vga box for my PS2 it would look just as nice too.

DC aint all that bad. If that’s all u have access to, unless u use Urien or Oro.

the DC looks closer to the arcade because on PS2 and Xbox they doube interlaced the frames making it look better but harder to see frames and messing up some frames. the DC verison looks like the arcade but it has to many glitches. console in general is horrible, they should have made both DC and PS2/Xbox a DIRECT IMPORT FROM ARCADE god knows why they screw with a perfect game. I like DC better because its easier to see frames making it easier to parry, but if there was a choice it was have to be

PS2/XBOX because they dont have glitches

note: ive played on every system/cabient so this post is from experiance

it looks diffrent as I said before they interlaced it, meanins each character has double the frames on themself as they do in the arcade(PS2 version=inerlaced). the DC verison is almost arcade perfect visually so i dont know what you are talking about there. the interlacing(on PS2) does not screw up attack to much but some got +1-3 frames or -1-3 frames something like that, which changes the game.