3s Bible


Ive seen the 3s bible referred to in a few threads around here. Im assuming that youre all talking about the 3s all about book. I realize that the book is probably long OOP, does someone know of/have a .txt file of it, scans of it, or possibly a link to where I can buy one? Thanks a bunch!



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last i looked it was on Animebooks.com for like 30 bones.


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As long as I’ve got some attention, why isn’t there a 3s ranking system?


I guess you’re talking about the Gamest Mook or the Famitsu “White” Mook.

Good luck finding them on ebay. The guy I bought them off doesn’t sell them anymore =(


i have the white one if any one wants to see it…i don’t have a scanner tho so you’ll have to see me in person…i’m usually in CGL every weekday, maybe you’ll catch me there


I ordered the book last week from animebooks.com

Unfortunetly, they seem to be jacking me around. My CC was charged, their tracking number didn’t work and it is long past the projected arrival date for the package. :frowning:

goes to call VISA



Could you please post the ISBN numbers of those two books if you get the chance? Oh, and do any of these books have english text?

Thanks in advance.


goddamnit :fury:

I finally got this all sorted out, and the guy was willing to send me a replacement order. A day after we sort this out, he mails me back and says that he’s out of stock. That was the only place I’ve been able to find this book. :mad:


you guys looking for this book?


no english version?


my guess is not popular enough to come out in US


**So, is there an english version?

ABASI!** :confused:


one of my buddies just got the bible. there’s no english version, but this book is AWESOME!!! it shows all the frames and combos for each character. its a definite for any 3s lover.


I got it next to me right now :slight_smile:
Its a pretty good book but most of the tactics/combos in it are beginners to intermediate stuff~


Ive had the book quite sometime it is based more for intermediate players and Begginers but its still a cool collectors Item. Though I personally would like to see a “True” 3S bible including absolutly everything within the game kinda like the CvS2 bible etc.



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