3S Casual Match Vids. [Australia]

Here’s a bunch of random casual 3S vids from the weekend. These are arcade not console. You will need the Quicktime player to view these. [File size ranges from 11MB to 25MB]

Also, because it is a free web hosting service you cant copy and paste the link into a download program as per usual. You have to follow the link then wait 60-90 seconds before it starts to download.

1] MAKOTO [Tsc] vs MAKOTO [Solidsnake] 1
2] MAKOTO [Tsc] vs MAKOTO [Solidsnake] 2
3] MAKOTO [Tsc] vs MAKOTO [Solidsnake] 3
4] MAKOTO [Garland] vs MAKOTO [IXL]
5] YANG [Garland] vs Twelve [IXL]
6] YANG [Solidsnake] vs RYU [Jack] 2
7] MAKOTO [Garland] vs MAKOTO [Tsc]
8] MAKOTO [Solidsnake] vs MAKOTO [Tsc] 3
9] MAKOTO [Solidsnake] vs MAKOTO [Tsc] 4
10] MAKOTO [Solidsnake] vs MAKOTO [Tsc] 5
11] MAKOTO [Solidsnake] vs MAKOTO [Tsc] 6
12] MAKOTO [Solidsnake] vs MAKOTO [Tsc] 9
13] KEN [Garland] vs YUN [IXL]
14] MAKOTO [Tsc] vs YANG [Solidsnake]


That’s why casuals are fun, cus youi see more crazy stuff like ppl using SA3 and EX fukiage to hit c.mk lol

I’ve only seen the first one cus the download takes forever.
Makoto :heart:

good shit

Very good vids! :tup:
Your level of play is pretty high and those matches are fun to watch, i loved all that makoto rushdown and that SA2 with double fukiage is scary. :devil:

I watched the first one, and either that’s a loud machine or those guys fucking rap on those buttons wayyyy too hard. Either way, the sound was annoying. >_>

I still don’t know how to do the double fukiage, I usually do one, then a hayate. It’s just all the crossing up without Makoto on screen, I don’t know which direction to do it! XD

Is that the Jack I think it is?