3s casuals Saturday (september 15th)

Who wants to play causals at 3s tomorrow (saturday) say around 2 ish?

sobs quietly

LOL not gonna happen.

Well um, it’s already 4:13 on that Saturday but I do! You prefer pad, don’tcha? Come over! Hahah. You’re not up here in town though are ya? :razz:

I would of if people were gonna show.

With less than 24 hours notice on this board? Good luck.

They just told me “Hey you got Saturday off” so i was like ok

Word. I’m not questioning the motives, just sayin’. Giving people a week hardly even works sometimes.

Yea sorry

Hey, for future reference, ive been trying to find people to play 3s with as well- i live up on the mountain, but i come into town every chance i get. My dumbass just found out about tilt at the lloyd.

^you live @hood? only reason I would consider moving to portland.