3S celebrates Black History Month








I remember hearing that Dudley isn’t actually of of African descent but of Native American descent. Can anyone confirm/deny?


Does Urien count as black?






(Tell Renic to never do a black guy impression ever again)


Native American? loool

I thought he might be Indian or Pakistani due to his dark skin, facial features and the fact there’s more Asians than Africans in England

Doesn’t explain his blue eyes tho :stuck_out_tongue:








it’s more a celebration of kokujin than dudley

sean’s brazilian though 0;




I remember playing OE one time and landing a roundhouse on someone and hearing Dudley yell “Africa!”

That is not a joke and no Louis/ryans of the world. I was not high.


I met a guy at a bar who worked on 3rd Strike originally.

He said, “Dudley is black”.


I honestly can’t see him as black, considering his very Indian features. Maybe he’s half-black, I dunno. It’d explain the blue eyes, at least.

Then again Elena…sigh~


tbf i wouldn’t trust any Japanese when it comes to race


Damn, now I want to watch DBZ Abridged.





This topic would be way better if it had astronaut holddat.<br>