3s chun/akuma combos


b hp into sbk

3 tatsu combo

someone please help me with these. dunno how to execute them.


b. hp -> sbk is charge down/down back for two seconds, stand up and press b. hp and then press up and Kick.

As for 3 tatsus, which 3 tatsu combo? Akuma has a lot.


I figured out Chun’s last night. So easy. And actually… Hm… there should be an os I can make of that… Sort of like a sggk.

The 3 tatsu is the one where it ends in a sj tatsu juggle. 2 ground one air.

Also, you know anything about divekick mixup? Is it just a 50 50 between grab and kick mixed with high, low pokes, overheads, super, and throw? That’s what I do.


Lmfao why do you always ask for help and then act like you know everything


-_-… I don’t. That is literally what I do. I do not know If I am doing it completely right. Go troll someone else.

I do know a lot about this game. I ask questions when I am unsure or don’t know. If I were truly knowing everything, I wouldn’t ask. I know some of the theory but I don’t know if I am necessarily correct. And i did figure out the Chun combo last night. Because the server here was too busy and I was tired of posting this same thread over and over only to get an error message was frustrating, so I decided to act upon my idea from the st. normal into d/u charge special technique. With a tiny bit of effort, I figured out it was charge down, qcb hp, then another qc to up then kick. I am simply being honest. The os was an idea. I get them from time to time, since I know how to sggk, and the combo involves a down motion and an hp, it could be possible to use this combo to down parry and go into b hp, which is also cancellable into super.

Again, I do know, and I confess that I am not a newb. There are no posts in the chun 3s section besides “cross up lightning legs setup” which is bull, because there is not point really in crossing up with chun outside of her command flip and maybe a lucky crossup hk if it isn’t parried. I ask questions to get better, period. I"m not pretending to be good, I am good, or at least sort of competent- everyone has a range. But it is always possible to get better and shorten the range and push it up on the spectrum of skill, and there are things I do not know, but want to know how to do; and, assuming some others know, I ask. The more I know, the more I don’t know. The more I don’t know, the questions I ask, I learn more, and then more questions and possibilities pop up.

Cool attempt, trollbro.


Do not mean to bump but lmfao again ^^