3S: Chun-Li - I'm a fighter, not a news reporter!

It is time to start a 3rd Strike - Chun-Li thread, because right now all the 3rd Strike strats for Chun-Li are hidden within other threads about other 3rd Strike characters.

As an avid Third Strike Chun-Li player, I would love to see more discussion on this character.

I have seen other Chun-Li threads started before the crash, but they all ended up turning into a “use back+fierce” thread. No explaination, other than “it own rog 4 free!” I’m going to be exploring the back+fierce, and tell you WHY “it own all 4 free!”

First off here is the bread and butter for Chunners:

Back+Fierce --> Kikkoken
Back+Fierce --> Houyokusen --> Superjump --> Down+Midkick
Back+Fierce --> Kikkoken --> Houyokusen --> Superjump --> Fierce --> Fierce

Here is the way it works. Use the back and fierce to punish any poke that your opponent tries. ALWAYS do this motion when you do back and fierce: Back+Fierce --> HCF --> QCF. If you miss the back and fierce, don’t press any more buttons. If it connects and you don’t have enough meter to do the Houyokusen, hit the punch right as you reach forward on your HCF and you will combo into the kikkoken. If you do have enough meter to do the super, then cancel the back and fierce into super (or cancel the fierce into kikkoken then cancel the kikkoken into super) by hitting the punch and/or kick at the correct part of the motion: Back+Fierce --> HCF - Punch --> QCF - Kick.

Now, here is the most beautiful part. The back and fierce can’t get canceled into super unless it connects. In other words, even if you whiff, and do the motion to cancel it into the Houyokusen (without canceling into kikkoken first) and input the kick, the super won’t come out unless the back and fierce already connected.

If anyone else has other back+fierce strats, post them please.

close HK, SJC, Houyokusen.

the super jump cancel super cancel technique thingy is so good and Chun’s HK is weird with it’s super jump cancel. it cancels so late that you have enough time to see if it hits then SJC, Houyo.

Do you mean:

downforward+roundhouse while close --> Houyokusen


I know that you can do this, and then see if it hits. If it hits, go into SAII, and if it doesn’t hit (either blocked or parried) superjumpcancel away so that you can’t get punished.

As for close standing roundhouse, I mainly use it for kara-throw.

And that superjumpcancel canceled into super is crazy. You can do this combo with it.

Back+Fierce --> Kikkoken --> Houyokusen --> Superjump --> Canceled into Houyokusen --> Superjump --> Fierce --> Fierce

Unfortunatly, because of damage scaling, the second super will only do as much damage as a fierce, but it is kind of cool to see two supers in one combo. I did see this combo at a GZX tourney that takes off the same damage as above.

Jumping (straight up and connect on the way down) Roundhouse --> Houyokusen --> Superjump --> Canceled into EX Hyakuretsu Kyaku

That combo is great on Yun/Yang and Dudley.

No. He meant s.close rh. That, after being parried, blocked, or whatever, can be super jump cancelled, and you can use sj into super cancel. Also, Chun has mad mixups after a Hoyoukusen: sj headstomp, air short… walk under or stay, etc. There are a lot. Take your time :slight_smile:

Since when does Chun Li need a tactics thread? :wtf:

someone told me that chun can also press back + fierce as anti air, then while doing that mash lightning kick, so if they parry the fierce they must parry the lightning kick as well

More often than not when you use the back + fierce as an anti-air, it will trade.

Not a good thing.

But, if you get a clean hit, (or they parry) you can cancel into lightning legs (or kikkoken/kikkoshou i believe).

I don’t like the back+fierce as an anti-air. I find myself using dash/backwards dash into crouching midkick against jumping in.

Of course, more often than not, if I see a jump, I will jump up and meet them.

You have more options if you do this.

-Parry into airthrow
-Kara airthrow (Fierce)
-Fierce–>Fierce chain (Jumping Fierce has high priority)
-If you jumped straight up, Roundhouse

-Did I mention airthrow?

however, back + fierce IS a good anti air, it’s like her most effective one, can be mixed up with normal stand fierce and c. RH.
if u find yoruself trading or losing then don’t do it. like vs ryu it won’t work but vs ibuki i think it beats out cleanly.

if someone would kindly point out those chars that chun’s back + fierce beats out cleanly or trades in her favor nicely, it’d be appreciated

sometimes it’s better to take a stand then airthrow, cuz the position might be bad (too hard to airthrow), and just going back and mk your opp. may be smart and trick u with a empty jump <-- super

u can also parry into back + fierce too of course

the one’s u put down are good too, chun is a situational character

I agree with you on this.

Its just that you are better off doing other things, like dashing under, parry, or superjump/triangle jump because her most effective antiair isn’t that good.

This is why the fucking penguin (whichever one of those fei-long clones with the hat) can dive kick chun all day long. Chun can’t do anything about jump-ins with fast recovery.

I found myself in a weird Chun-Li sitch one time while facing the computer:

As Ryu, I was cornered and knocked down. CPU Chun-Li stands over my body and immediately does the Lightning Kick. As I get up, I began to parry, only this went on for a bit. Since I was cornered, and parrying, I couldn’t do much so she just kept on doing the Lightning Kick. What eventually happened was that I overthought the situation and psyched myself out and she ended up hitting me with a three-hit combo.

ANYWAY, the point here is this: do you suppose this is possible for a human player, due to the parry pause, and could this just go on forever?

Chunners Lightning Legs and Necro’s Electric Shock both share this property: as long as they still connect (blocked, parried or hit) and you are still mashing the buttons, they will continue forever. If you start parrying in the corner, it will go on until you mess up, or the chunners stops mashing.

As a way to chip off that last bit of damage for the win, I find myself doing lightning legs on wake-up, but I mostly do the EX legs for the parry happy peeps.

Hehe. I have never even tried parrying Chun-Li’s EX Lightning Leg. Is it anything like the Sonic Boom super? And wouldn’t you just end up cracking up if you ever did that to someone and they just kept parrying!!! “Stop laughing dammit!! One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four…” Hell, I’d eventually have to use my foot to stop your rapid tapping. LOL :cool:

i think ohnuki in a vid parried the first hit of an ex fireball by ryu then SA II right away after

how important is it able to do this? i’m thinking it would help a lot. also i think today urien charged up a normal fireball and threw it, i could not SAII through it, not sure if my timing was off (it rarely is for such an easy task). then after that i was thinking i should master parry into SA II

im not too good with chun but i hope i can share some tidbits.

i personally agree with znzf, the best antiair is b+fierce or low roundhouse. the b+fierce can be cancelled to lightning kick and they have to parry like 2 or 3 more hits. even if they successfully do this, they will bounce over your head and you’ll be safe.

another normal worth cancelling to super only if it hits is her low forward. do the low forward pump the qcf qcf and hit short only if it hits. you have a pretty long time before it’s too late to super. practice this – it will make you good. if you can kara throw accurately every time, then you can do tick throws or mix the throw with a low forward to super on reaction. cheap.

what else… well if anyone tries to throw you or kara throw, do a standing rh. it hops you off the ground and they can’t grab you. if they had mixed upt he throw with a combo attempt, the hopkick might eat their move, or at worst you’ll be airborne when you get hit and dont take the full hurt.

a normal worth learning is low strong. at sweep range, pressing the opponent with sweep and far fierce is fine but both those moves can be parried high. meaning you stand a pretty high chance of getting parried up. luckily, her low strong reaches just a little farther than sweep, it hits low, must be parried low, plus she rubs so low to the ground that she goes under fireballs and under many moves. keeps them guessing. after all poking with fierce,roundhouse gets a little predictable after a while :stuck_out_tongue:

a pretty good followup to her super, in the corner, against other light characters (such as another chun): sj, headstomp, then short. the result is strange looking… their body almost falls ot the ground, and then is popped up at the last moment by the short (it hits right before you land), giving you all the time in the world to set up whatever as they land on their feet.

finally check this lame little trick out… wiff the d/f rh flip so it lands in front of them , then ex bird kick. gets em every time :stuck_out_tongue:

Air to air headstomp, juggle with knockdown fierce, land, close rh, sj cancel into either super or run away…sick.

After houyoku sen: headstomp, roundhouse, though the short is quite good.


I still agree that back and fierce (with optional Hyakuretsu Kyaku) is chun’s best anti-air, but I still say jump-in are her death. If someone is jumping in on chun-li and they are not a scrub, then chunners in in for a world of hurt. It’s not like we don’t see people parrying the ex dragonpunch all the time (around here at least). Do something else. Dash under, parry, exbird kick, jump straight up and roundhouse, almost anything is going to have better results that calling your anti-air-assist.

At evolution, Justin Wong was using this tactic, ohnuki was using the back and fierce into SAII.

This is great advice. I would like to add that you can expand on this with the “Chun-Li Pestering Minigame”

It only works on Q, Hugo, Alex, Dudley, Sean, and Ibuki.

Here is how it works. You do two crouching strongs, and then do back and fierce. Repeat til super is charged.
When your super is charged, continue doing that pattern til you land a back and fierce, then super off of that. There is a standing fierce, and a jumping (straight up) roundhouse that get mixed into the pattern to keep it random enough so that it doesn’t get parried, but for the most part, that’s it. Watch out for hugo’s “flying peach” cause it will go over the crouching strong, and land his ass on chun’s head. Also, Alex can make short work of this pattern if the Alex player knows how to do the “Headstomp Madness.” (That is where Alex does nothing but headstomps on your wakeup randomly landing in front or behind so that you don’t know which way to block). You can get out of the madness by doing “Just Defend.” If he lands behind you, it will get parried, if he lands in front of you, it will get blocked.

Don’t do this to Q, Alex, or Hugo, unless you like getting your ass thrown.

Not very important unless you are trying to be flashy. The timing is just like the timing on her “target combo.” Her invulnerablity frames are only on her little step forward.

i think that’s pretty important if you play a lot of Ryus as Chun, cause i seem to remember that the only thing Ryu can really do against Chun is EX fireball. so if you can parry the first hit and SAII it would probably be fairly useful.

Hey, that just gave me an idea on how to get past that damn Ryu Denjin trap!

Uhm…2 questions…(I suck at 3S)

  1. how do you SJ cancel?
  2. What’s the Ryu Denjin trap?