3s Chun Mindgames/ Help with Urien, Alex, Remy, and Beastly Sean players

It’s here because it’ll get a quicker answer here, my last post in the 3s Chun forums is still there, unanswered. Don’t even try the whole move the thread game. And I will be asking a lot. So sorry, (Gomene :3), just answer what you can.

Could I please get some help with chun’s ground game and her mixups?
Basically I’m trying to make my Chun less damageable and predictable.(Or, I’m STEPPIN MAH GAME UP as the kid-turned-psp marketing campaign Marcus would say.) Right now I’m being proactive, writing down all the mindgames I can think of-especially differentiating tactics off of cmk and her super- and I’m going to go practice them and parrying/countering my opponents either today or tomorrow, since 3s is sort of a game where you aren’t so much playing against a character as you are a person- i.e. not everyone plays uniformly that uses the same character. Yes this is true for other fighting games, I’ve been on em since I was three, so I know, no lectures on that today. Despite this, please feel free to contribute what you know. It’s very likely I"ll hear something I can’t find out on my own.

Also, which kara throw has more range? Mk or Hk? It’s a little hard on pad, but I’d like to know.

Thirdly, I need help with urien. I probably just need to do what I am setting out to do in the first place by making my defensive game and mixups more comprehensive and dangerous, but I want to shut him down. However the type of Urien I want to shut down isn’t some 3s-era evo defensive Urien. I’m talking about those crazy GGPO Uriens. Especially Aegis setups, shutting those down so they are scared of doing them would be great, that super can feel downright unfair once you
are in the thick of it- and no this does not mean “please argue with me over the definition of fairness in fighting games”. It’s what I feel when I’m getting my butt handed to me, a sense that I can’t escape save for maybe a lucky wall or super jump. Also avoiding them outright, what I should and should not do to avoid them even thinking about starting up that shield of death. I have learned that jumping without parrying a ball is a no-no, that’s for sure.

And, I hate to say this, but I need help with Hugo and, um Sean. Not a “sean fan” but an actual good Sean, complete with some head games and damaging super 2 set ups. I know parrying his high-lag specials-such as Ryuubi Kyaku-and hitting him with say a close hk to legs/ex legs would be a start. Also Playing against a good Remy/Alex. I’m sorry to ask so much but the match ups section in the wiki isn’t very robust, to say the least. Matter of fact it isn’t even finished after ten years of play, which is sad considering the amount of attention the very new sf4 series gets in the wiki.

And yes, I know there is a Chun thread. Will be reading it if I find something good.
Again just answer what you can. Thanks for any help in advance.


A ton of chuns normals are good. F+hp, cr. mk, B+hp, mp, cr. mp, lp, cr. lp, close hk and far hk (and i’m sure im forgetting others) are all very good in many situations. You need to figure out where to use her normals on your own to really understand it. There is a point in differentiating which kara throw you use, it isn’t about range. You either kara close roundhouse or far medium kick. When you in the far range, use mk. When close, use hk. If you use them in the wrong ranges you’ll get nothing. And with the third one, what the hell is a ggpo urien? You need to learn to block his corner mixups, there’s pretty much no way around it once in the corner. If someone is setting up unblockables, learn to parry those cause you can’t block them. Against sean, generally fight him like a crappy ken. I don’t think there’s much else to him. With hugo just run away and keep him out.

A lot of pro uriens can be defensive and footsie oriented until they find openings. Most Uri’s on ggpo just go full throttle.
And parrying unblockables… If uri was far away from his shield I could parry a hit or two, but that really wouldnt be so with him near it. It would be very difficult.

Do you know what an unblockable setup looks like? I don’t think you did any research

Beastly Sean? Sure?.. btw you do know that Twelve has a pretty easy match against Chun… for some reason I don’t play many of them though but keeping her out is mad easy… IAD ftw… she doesn’t have a real answer to it… Justin Wong got his ass beat by one move when he played against a Japanese Twelve…

Also why parry Aegis, if you fuck up you lose the match… esp. in a corner, if its not spaced correctly the Aegis generally doesn’t crossup…

If someone sets up an unblockable you should learn how to parry, you might as well try regardless. It’s UNBLOCKABLE after all. I mean what are you guys arguing with me for? I told him to block mixups and try to parry unblockables. It’s what you do

Ah I didn’t catch that part of your post… sorry man…

MK has more reach than cl.HK. cl.HK is usually used for SGGK.

Sean: The only thing Sean can beat Chun with is gimmicks. Just eliminate those or prevent those from
happening, and it’s all Chun from there. Sean is obviously no Ken, so you can keep him out as you would Ryu. You could probably even be a bit more aggressive, as a lot of your pokes will beat his out clean.

Urien: You have to keep aggressive Uriens from rushing in on you. A well-timed and distanced cr.HP will beat out practically everything Urien tries to close the gap, and if you have meter, you can buffer into Super and nothing will come out unless you hit them. Try to see when Urien is gonna try to advance to you and punish with her standard pokes like HP and b.HP. Distance yourself away from Headbutts so you can punish with cr.MK.
If you find yourself in a position where you’re cornered with an Aegis on you, just block accordingly. If you find yourself in an unblockable position, just learn to parry.

As for the other characters listed, just use your pokes and play it safe. A defensive Chun is still annoying to beat, so take advantage of them as the characters you listed can’t do much about them.

btw, I hear that Twelve beats Chun a lot, and it’s true that he has a decent chance against her compared to most of the other characters, but she just needs to land like two hits and he’s done. It’s still a very uphill battle and Twelve STILL has to play with little to no flaws in order to win. Chikyuu beat Justin Wong at Evo, but that’s because it’s Chikyuu…and Justin was just starting to get into 3S competitively around that time.

I’m still wondering with this mess about 12, because honestly I didn’t fight one. 12 and necro can be good, depends on the player. and thanks. also parrying aegis… err… why don’t you try that and see what it does for ya. 2-3 hits within half a second, and that’s for starters. I’ve seen pros have trouble with that. Seriously, you can try to do that but having it work is another thing entirely. And what I’m referring to here is my character already being tossed around like a ping pong ball between thongman’s standing/low moves and his shield. Plus I can’t parry once I’m hit, the only thing I can do Is parry that very first hit.

Which leads me to this… What do these aegis combos typically start with? I’m not playing every day any more and I honestly never payed too much attention to the specific moves. Should have though, and If I have the info I can just parry into legs/kara throw/ex legs/hkXXsuper etc with some practice and application.

What people are saying is that when someone is correctly performing a true unblockable with Urien, you might as well try and parry since there’s no other option. Not trying to parry and trying to parry and failing will have the same result.

I’m not talking about a basic corner Aegis where you just need to block the high-low mixup correctly.

Also you probably already know this, but if you are getting bounced in midair between Urien pokes and the Aegis:

You need to parry towards the side where Urien was when he released the Aegis, even if you are getting bounced back into it.