3s Chun Normals, tactics


I’ve asked twice in the 3s section to no avail… so…
What are some common counters for 3s chun?
Also I’d like some better knowledge of her normals an their uses… besides links.
And some uses for her flip kick special.


Her flip kick super? or the special move only?

If you are talking about the flipkick super art it pretty much doesnt have any uses, unless you are a rwaly realy realy turtle chun li player.
If you are talking about the flip kick special move it haves limited uses as well, the ex version maybe for someone thats turtling crouching too much.

As for tactics, and use of normals her best are:
forward.hp haves lots of range, realy nasty atack
back.hp doesnt have as much range as the forward version BUT you can cancel into her super art 2 after you land it
c.mk lots of uses, realy easy to cancel into her super art after this one
c.mp more range than c.mk at the cost that you cant cancel into super
forward.mk nice range, kinda like ken’s, some people dont expect it if you are out of range for your forward.fp


To play a realy nasty chun, you need to have your super art 2 at least 1 meter full, so when your oponent screws up you are ready to punish.
Another great tactic, and this works well if you are about to finish a match is to land super art 2, the cancel for the super jump and hit them with a light kick in the air, this will reset them so when you land, go again for the c.mk super, of course you need 2 meters to acomplish this but if your oponent doesnt see it coming it will do MASSIVE damage.

If you get knocked down, your best wake up move is your EX SBK, its realy hard to parry and it comes out realy fast.

Another great thing to do with chun is when somebody jumps at you, you jump as well and go for the j.hk it beats most atacks, BUT if you do it a couple times your oponent may be expecting it and parry it, thats when your airthrow works wonder, because the were parrying instead of tryng to counter your throw.

well thats some basic tricks or course not all of them, cuz i dont realy play chun.
Hope it helped.

Good luck!


I think the OP’s looking for tactics to work against her.

In that case, watch her for good normals (f. hp, cr. mk). Play safe when she has meter (don’t jump in, don’t whiff specials, toss out fireballs). If you can, try to bait and punish her SA2 (which any decent Chun will most likely be using).


Your question is worded somewhat confusingly, so it’s hard to give you advice.

What do you mean by “counters”? Be specific.

Her flip kick special move (assuming you are talking about hcb + k) is called hazanshu.

It’s an overhead move. I’ve seen people do low mk and cancel into the LK version every once in a while to confuse people, but that’s about all I can think of. You won’t see it that often.

Her back+FP move is great. It trades or beats nearly anything that is in range of it and it’s range is deceptively large. Can be used for anti air sort of. Hit confirms into super easily too.

c.MK is her other best normal. It has long range and is only blockable low, her other most common hit confirm into super.

F+RH gives her a forward moving hop kick that hits crouchers, combos into super.

Her crouching jab is incredibly fast and can be used to make enough distance for a karathrow/low forward mixup.

MP is a good normal that can be hit confirmed into super as well. It’s also a pseudo antiair.

Sweep is okay, it has better recovery than most sweeps. It will pull people out of the air too, it’s a somewhat decent anti air.


Oh my, you are right XD, BUT ive puted what to expect for :wink: XD


I can add to this that, once you get some parries down, if you’re blocking Chun’s SA2, you can parry the last kick (not the hard to do) and go for the big punish. Your BnB, a throw or even your own SA if you have meter.


I don’t think he would have asked for the uses of his moves if he was looking for ways to beat her.

I think by “counters” he meant what is she able to punish.

I could be wrong, his post was vague.


It helps if you say what character you play


Ok, I’ll Clarify.

@ Pherai: It’s in the title. If I’m asking about Chun’s normals, I’m more than likely playing as her.

I’m not talking about how to beat Chun. You do that through constant knockdown pressure and making her waste meter. I play as Chun in sf3, and I want to get better with her.

About counters: I was told that Chun Li had a great counter game. This is her ability to parry pokes or common tactics, then punish them. For example, if ken throws out c mk, I can parry it and hazan shu, throw, or link to super, if he does not super first. (I think that’s how it would go.)

I know the normals you typically use with Chun. They are the same as what you use for links aside from lk and lp.
What I want to do is get a better understanding of her normals, particularly her anti air moves. Back in sf2, the anti-air move that you used was entirely situational, and it seems this trend is repeating itself in 3, so **I want to know what air move to use when, and moreover, what move to use when. **

Also, I wanna know about Chun okizemi- offensive pressure meaties and strings on wakeup. I want to play an offensive chun. Turtling makes you eat too much damage unless you are going for a parry-then-counter strategy.

When I was asking about the flip kick, I meant hazanshu (the special). In sf4, it can be used in strings for mixup etc. It seems pretty useless in sf3 but If I can find out a decent use for it besides as a surprise or counter attack that would be great.

And does Chun have any usable non meter combos besides those links into specials? SBK-LL works.


First of all, don’t come to an advice thread to ask for help and then tell everyone how to play. Ask your question and then do whatever you will with what you get. The way you phrased things in your first post was absolutely horrible and difficult to understand, hence the confusion.

Parrying doesn’t benefit Chun only. Everyone gets openings and everyone can parry and punish. The reason she’s so deadly is because her super is lighning fast, does a ton of damage, and combos off of everything.

Again you start off by telling us you know everything, which makes it seem like you’re not even going to listen to anything we post. Why should we post anything in that case? Chun li has a garbage anti air game. Get used to it. EX SBK is unreliable, other than that I detailed the normals you have to choose from in my previous post.

Again you’re asking for advice then putting out matter-of-fact misinformation. Chun li is strongest on turtling in this game, not offense. She has offensive tools, but you’re better off staying back and building meter. Especially if you don’t have a super stocked. Turtling makes you eat too much damage? Where did you get that from?

Nope, it telegraphs like a motherfucker. I don’t see people use it aside from the occasional c.mk into lk hazanshu to catch people off guard.

b.fp x FP kikoken or c.mk FP kikoken is all I can think of for non meter combos.