3s Chun pressure and matchups, please help


Considering switching mains honestly. She is just so defensive.
I want to know how to better pressure with her and how to counter specific normals. This is easier in st than it is in 3s. For one st is more clear cut. Another reason is that the wiki often fro 3s will pale in comparison to the st one. please help. in particular I have trouble with urien and dudley. Would like to know the specifics of normal use vs them and counters so I can effectively zone and mindgame them.

Generally, I will poke low with mk, that is a given with chun, also far st hp, back hp, occaisionally lp and lk for throws and hazanshu setups, also close hk, and rarely with backmp. Still, I really want to better my chun so that I can actually scare people with her and get them out of just pushing whatever poke, that’s when footsies ect can begin, and that is what she is good at- other than massive super art damage and mixup.

Vs. urien I look for random slow moves to parry and punish-like elbow, chariot tackle, random super tackle, random diving knees, although I usually hit with the wrong move. I have the habit of using throw, but hk would be much better. anything else? My up close game needs work any suggestions?

Vs dud it depends on the dudley, there are quite a few ways he is played. I really want to punish clk/lp and c hk.