3s Chun SJC to sa2.. WHA?!

I heard in the char specific forums of the 3s section that a method of getting Chun’s hk-sa2 link done right is to SJC in the middle of it… Uh why would you even need to do this? Are there any specific advantages?

IIRC you literally can’t do HK into super otherwise.

HK is particularly good because if it gets parried you can just super jump away from them. Its also REALLY fast and does good stun. Also the top 3s players in the world have found some crazy option selects called SGGKs that use st. HK. You don’t really need to worry about that though. If the combo is too hard you can try just doing b+HP into super instead.

<sounded a bit conceited in this post. sorry. I had it confused with the hk link.>

…er, if you’re talking about her regular far HK(hop kick), then you can only link it when they’re crouching, and the timing is kinda hard.

Regarding her close HK SJC into Super, it’s incredibly useful. If the opponent blocks it, you can just super jump away. If it hits, you can confirm it, SJC Super. It’s also ridiculously fast for a Roundhouse, which makes for a much better substitute at super-close range than cr.MK or b.HP in this case.

mariodood how are sggk’s crazy you just guess pary then kara throw with something that can cancel.

They’re not crazy, execution-wise, but the amount of ground that they cover is invaluable.

orig thread that was the source of my question: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=160545
2nd post. after some thought i figged out this guy was talkin hopkicks.
that is fwd hk? dunno off hand.

The f.HK is basically her regular hop kick but it moves forward. It’s pretty good for countering low footsies and punish by linking to Super since they get hit crouching.

Every thread you make you ignore every piece of advice someone gives you and just use the thread as a pulpit to talk about how good you think you are.

You’re lucky I’m not a mod or your ass would be banned by now.

0_o Holy crap, chill out. I am in no way conceited with my skills in sf. If you are having a bad day that’s fine but don’t rage on me. Sorry to have offended you.
And I’m not “ignoring advice” here, and I’m not going to tolerate you troll baiting me ok? I knew nothing about this thing, that’s why I asked… And anyways, I don’t really use it b/c I haven’t seen it before. Calm down. Seriously, if I was really, really good, would I be in the newbie section (or even on here very much?). At the time my mind really wasn’t in street fighter mode, and I had that move confused with the more common vanilla hk link, and to me, it didn’t make sense to me to sjc that.

finish the super motion with u.f like the ST tiger knee,

when opp jumps i dash under and do hk X super seems easier the just doing it in there face for me

You’ve never seen close s.hk to super with chun on 3s???
what year do you live in???

Oh, my bad. I got you mixed up with another poster. Sorry!

I’ve seen and use close hk. I don’t see the hopkick link too much. I’ve been playing 3s since 04… That’s when I got the sf ann. collection game. I didn’t know about daigo then either I just liked the game.