3s community unite

hey guys, lets face it, a lot of the 3s players are hardcore, dedicated players who don’t have jobs, go to school or have lives in general. we put so much effort and time into our game, but it gets thrown away like crap by the other fighting game communities. i think 3s bums around the globe need to unite and form a separate community from srk, ozhadou, neo empire, etc., with a new website/forum dedicated purely to 3s, similar to how the vf, tekken, and gg (to name a few) communities have done. we should solicit wealthy patrons to donate money so we can pursue our craft full time without the worry of having to support ourselves financially :cybot:

yes, i ruined my life for 3rd strike. I need to get paid. : )

Stands up I am savaii and I am in dire financial straits due to the awesome perfection of Third Strike. I support a new community for 3s. Sits down

Actually…didn’t Keninblack make a forum just for third strike? :wonder:

We can’t afford a “proper” site because apparently we’re all bums.

yeah. and the fact that nobody remembers what it’s called or where it is is proof that we probably shouldn’t go down that route.

Yeah th 3s section of srk is serving it’s purpose well. And even if there was a separate forum that we could remember the people who would post negative or noncontributively (is that a word?) would still find their way there.

We shouldent…

hahaha this thread is dope

I was kinda hoping this post was going towards the idea of every 3S player on the planet moving to an island and creating a 3S nation. Kinda like Outer Heaven. We should also build it on an island with a dormant volcano.

3 iSland 4 lyfe

Yeah! An island with head 2 head cabinets in every palm frond shanty with ice cold coconuts for everyone to drink! As long as it doesn’t turn out like Hell Island (my name for the Island from LOST) then, count me IN!

well i don’t see anything good by making a site just for 3s since the game won’t get as much exposure like it does on srk and the like. i was at japan arcade the other day and nobody was playing 3rd strike. i played against the computer :(… however, i was on ggpo earlier today and there are a lot of new people playing 3s. it’s a double edged sword but 3s will live on for a long time i think, but it will live online only.