3s/CVS2 Game Zone X Results

2/25 Results

Small results for now, Pimp Willy has the Round Robin brackets…

Where was everyone today? Are people afraid to play Valle and Combofiend and Cole or something?

1-Alex Valle (Ryu)
2-Peter Rosas (Combofiend)
3-Ryan (Urien)
4-Jason Wilson (Elena, Necro)


  1. Peter Rosas (Combofiend) (A-Rock, Eagle, Rolento)
  2. Jason Wilson (C- Honda/Cammy, Blanka, Bison)
    3 (tie) Jason Cole (K- Blanka, Cammy, Sagat)
  3. (tie) Alex Valle (C- Ken, Ryu, Sagat)

Quick summary until the brackets are up…
Valle had 15 wins in 3s, only loss was to Combofiend, beat Combofiend by forfeit after Combofiend defeated Ryan for 2nd place win)
Ryan and Combofiend had 14 wins apiece, Ryan’s only loss was to Valle, Combofiend’s only losses were to Ryan and Wilson…

Wilson’s only loss was to Cole.
Combofiend’s only losses were to Warren (EvilElvis) and Wilson
Valle’s only losses were to Combofiend and Wilson
Cole’s only losses were to Valle and Combofiend

Valle, Cole, and Combofiend each had two losses apiece for a three way second place battle. Combofiend beat Valle and Cole to fight Wilson, winning 2-0 in final match.


  1. Dirty Cole

(He was the only one that brought a joystick! Valle challenged him, but Cole wins the tournament by default, DIRTY!)

Still debating on whether or not we will have a tourney next weekend, so stay tuned!

I was working :x anyone tape the matches?

go ryan double or nothing will never die

cumbo chose himself in 3s, that’s some next level juggernaut type shit…

2-Peter Rosas (Combofiend)

Thumbs up for another good tournament. Too bad more people didn’t show. :[ Looking forward to next weekend if it’s a go.


For the first time in 5 years, a CvS2 tourney finishes hours before a 3s one!

Hehe, ok, on to the results.

3S Round Robin Scores (9 People):
You get one point per win you get in a 2/3 match. So if you won 1 match = 1 point, 2 matches = 2 points, 0 matches = 0 points.
Total points possible = 16

Valle - 15 points
Combofiend- 14 Points
Ryan - 14 points
Jason Wilson - 12 points
Jason Cole - 10 Points (noted weaksauce vs valle)
Jer - 9 Points
Steve - 5 Points
Ty - 4 points
Pimp Willy - 2 points

CvS2 Round Robin Scores (7 points)
Name - Wins/Losses

  1. Jason Wilson - 5/1
  2. Combofiend - 4/2
  3. Valle - 4/2
  4. Cole - 4/2
    5)Evil Elvis - 3/3
    6)Pimp Willy - 1/5
  5. Walter - 0/6

2nd place playoff: Peter beat Valle, Peter over Cole, peter goes 2 over Jason Wilson to take the win.

I got vids of Peter vs Cole, and Peter vs Wilson matches at the end. No idea when/if I’ll get them uploaded and encoded.

Thanks to Jason for hosting the tourney. No props to the lack of heads showing up : (

happ ultimates: no for most.

Switch Sticks For Life!

Lol I could of swore I had 5/1 but thats ok =P

I am DOA4 Champ by default , sickness :wink:


i want some doa 4! lol

Dirty Cole is dirty…but CVS2 was:
Cole’s only losses were to Valle and Combofiend


Screw DOA4…I want some MK ARMAGEDDON!