3S Daigo Killer?

Who’s best fit for this description?
Is this even possible?

umm ko already pwned him at evo a while back…and he used yun who is a bad match against ken supposedly…nothing can stop the cheese nothing but luck and skill used together.

I’d like to see Daigo vs. Ohnuki or Daigo vs. J personally…

Or Daigo vs. Aruka.

Daigo vs. Ohnuki already happen at Evo 2003, and Ohnuki got pwned

Daigo vs J would be interesting. I wanna see that too.

anyone with an handgun can be a Daigo killer

daigo > j easily imo you already got the ume but then you get the counter match

this true tech btw

ofcourse, he got ume so he cant possible lose…



the top guy is KO… the bottom right guy is??

anyways i would LOVE to see this guy fight KO…

bottom is izu

bottom is izu

omg i glitched the srk matrix. that was me under jiggles. DUPLICATE POST.

RX…if they haven’t played against one another yet.

rx already beat him in the game vision sbo quals

Is that the one where he parried like 3 different attacks in a row, and then landed a jumping HK? That was an awesome finish. They both had like no life left.

Daigo’s lost to plenty of people, and there are several players who are at his level.
KO, Aruka, J, RX, Kuroda, Hayao, I’m sure all those guys could manage a few victories at least.

Personally I’d love to see Yamazaki VS Daigo even if Ken is pretty much Twelve’s worst match up.


that’s from Cooperation Cup 1.

i think that was Tokido (Urien) vs. Spellmaster J (Ken)

that was an awesome match.


actually… you are wrong… daigo did not get owned… it was a close match @ both evo2k3 and 2k4… and SBO3… KO got owned by daigo… 2v2 nuki/daigo vs kokujin/ko… very last round…

um 2k4 wasn’t a close match ko pretty much ran the finals

i could own daigo