3S Danisen Battle April 10th 2010 Houston, Texas - Planet Zero

First of all i’m not affilated with Planet Zero I have just asked the owner if i could use the cabinets and if he could put new buttons in for the Danisen Battle.
Thanks to Metric for the system he posted in Computer Handheld Matchmaking be sure to check out his GGPO Danisen Battle as well.

New and experienced players encouraged to come

What are the Danisen Battle rules?
New players begin at 1st Dan
When you play a different character it’s treated as a different player, so you will start at 1st Dan
Rankings go from 1st to 10th Dan, with special rankings after 10th Dan
At 10th Dan and above players only fight other players of the same rank, and must get +5 points to move up a rank
Players fight other players within 1 rank of themselves
One win = +1 point, One loss = -1 point, +3 moves the player up 1 rank, -3 moves the player down 1 rank

How will we do this on 1 cab?
The player who wins plays till he loses or moves up in rank. If someone moves up rank, they will continue to play till they lose unless no one in their respective rank or 1 within are on. Because players fight within 1 rank of themselves you will be forced to wait for someone to reach 1 rank within yours. For all you out of towners. The system allows you to be able to come out and not get 0-2 or 0-1 and get peaced out. Everyone will always have matches and people to play.

I hope to see all the new and old 3s players alike there :nunchuck:

Even if you’re not affiliated with Planet Zero
Im not gonna support a business owned by an arrogant and immature person
I went to tons of PZ tourneys and I liked the place a lot, but Emogear would always ignore me when I tried to talk to him, that and we all know how shady he is.
Ranma was always nice, but at the end, the place is owned by Emohear and I dont want to be involved in anything that benefits someone like him
Oh and PZ tournaments threads are prohibited on SRK, so this might get closed pretty soon

I however like that you’re trying to do something for the 3s community
having this tournament at Planet Zero is a bad idea, you wont have good players there

Im pretty sure fubarduck would let you make it happen at the Arcade UFO in Austin
I know austin is 3 hours away from Houston, but it would be a better approach if you want to make the 3s community gather since Fubarduck has 100000% more credibility than Emogear, therefore the level on this place would be a lot higher.

Austin has 3s players like Mopreme, Starboy, Me, Lee, Hsien etc etc, so it would be fun

I will not ask SRK for help anymore

Bump for more of a response from Texas and to see what others think.