3s downloads with Remy

I’m going to dedicate this thread to Links and other finds for Remy matches or anything related to 3rd strike that can be learned from.

As of late, theres a Remy vs Remy vid at


This is rare for 2 reasons

  1. It’s Remy vs Remy (Remy is not a commonly played character, not even in asia)

  2. It’s an enjoyable match(how many half-decent Remy players are out there???)

The vid is on the front page near the bottom and was posted 4/3/2003

It wasn’t like learning anything new just plain entertainment. I could mention the few boring errors/lack of anticipation I noticed…but for a rare match like this how could I dare to be an asshole?

Anyway, get it while it’s hot. sftchina.com has something new everyday so it won’t be there much longer.

i have a vid of add’s remy verses jamar’s ryu, i dont know how to make a link to it so if anyone wants to see it your welcome to IM me or PM me.

this is good , but i will be having hard time searchin files in this site dude , and i can speak chinese * blink *

Well…actually…you don’t even have to know the language to find what you want because they sneak in a lot of the names such as Remy or Ryu SF3 in english on the links. If it’s completely a foreign language and you don’t see anything familiar you can just set the cursor on it and that bar at the bottom of the window will almost always give you the URL in english.

TY for the links…very appreciated!



remy vids

wins… all of them… (some fluky?)
but he gets killed by urien~~

not as good as ryo-chin but really great competitor IMHO



The first SF3 download is a 3 on 3 match vid. The finals is a match between Ken and Remy. The Remy plays against Ken I think a degree smarter than Ryo-Chin did.

SPOILER ALERT: do not read the following text until you’ve seen the vid

Deja Vu: Remy doing a stupid s. roundhouse and getting killed for it and Remy parrying Ken’s air forrward and not punishing him for it. Both of those events happened on the popular 5 on 5 finals between Joe’s Ken and Ryo-Chins Remy.

Heres my opinion that I cannot press any further than I did in the past:

For Remy’s mistake of using s. roundhouse for the purpose of anti-jump away/missed kara-throw, I would replace it with the swift standing knife hand of his (far s. strong). It has the same purpose as s. roundhouse except that it’s quicker, sharper, and recovers hella faster than far s. roundhouse.

For Remy’s mistake of attempting to throw Ken after parrying his air forward…First off…you canNOT throw someone with jab+short after parrying their air attack, they can tech it, jump away from it, or do a special/super to counter it. This is a simple law of 3rd strike. For Remy’s situation in the vid, he could’ve…errr…should’ve done c. fierce, RRF. Doing so would’ve increased his chances of winning by 99%.

Last Mistake: charging and trying to throw with a towards-direction. Though this is not what really killed him, because if he got the throw anyway Ken would have simply done c. short anyway. Perhaps a Kara throw would’ve done the trick. But for the sake of discussion, if Ken did attempt a throw Remy would have been thrown out of his LoV. The reason that most charge characters that have a back-forward motion get specials instead of throws in such situations is that the computer is still accounting for your characters charging and even though you may have hit jab+short you still get a special anyway. The way to solve this is to hold back or keep the joystick at neutral before attempting a throw. This is a consciousness that all charge character need to have in mind for third strike. It’s a slightly different method for games that have different executions for throws like SF2, A3, or CvS2.

i agree stryker, perhaps he could have done a kara UOH instead of a throw do u think that would be quick enough to hop over that crouching short if the player didnt know ken was going to do it?

i have a question about the rush down game for remy, if your rushing down using cold blue kicks into crouching moves and over heads and then charging for an additional attack how do u land a super from a crouching short if u were previously charging a sonic boom?

it messes me up too often… i’ll get a crouching short into a sonic boom to push back the opponent but i dont account that the crouching short MIGHT hit, so i never get a free super off it unless i completely give up charging for that session of attacks…

is there a way to have both options? the ability to switch from a charge follow up to a super follow up from seeing if something connects EVEN tho your charging?

Setting the joystick to neutral briefly before doing any normal–SA works for me. Sometimes even holding the joystick directly down eliminates the possibilities of unwanted LoVs.



It includes:

Remy (not Ryo Chin’s) vs Dudley
Remy vs Ken
Remy (Ryo Chin’s) vs Dudley
Ryo Chin’s Remy vs Remy

Some Comments:

I didn’t find anything disappointing here except for the Ken vs Remy match.

The dudley matches are probably the only matches that I’ve seen where Remy’s far s. roundhouse was put to some use.

It seems like everyone really wanted the Remy vs Remy match to happen.

Lastly, I think Ryo-Chin is more interested in charge partitioning than in the other things that Remy has to offer. I think that’s fine considering that he has that shit down to a science. The other Remy player charge partitions as well but doesn’t bank on it too much. He also tries to get Remy’s more damaging combo: Air fierce, s. CBK, RRF and doesn’t mind playing my favorite anti-retaliation game with CBK, (EX) RRF.

Anyway, a good download.

Damn, all these vids just keep on coming in.



The first match is the best Ken vs Remy fight that I’ve seen on the net…ever…


I was soooooo…so so so fucking rooting for this guy. The 2nd round…intense. I was hoping for a CBK but no luck…lastly, Remy’s close s. fierce would’ve killed that motherfucker goodbye on kens cross up. I didn’t like how he used EX RRF for early anti-air…a roundhouse would’ve done more damage. When Ken jumped in for a throw, Remy’s s.CBK would’ve killed him…it’s just one of those mind sets that every Remy player needs to get use to. Shit…


I can’t see the new videos remy_stryker posted…
i see weird squares in the beginning and the videos are very slow…

can somone offer me a solution?

i cant find the download at all please post directions to it

check out this page


#17 and #21 are jap remy vids

if the link doesn’t work you just gotta go to


and then look for the movies page

Hmmmm, most of these are ok. nothing really crazy impressive - but still good dont get me wrong. - I’ll try to record some of the matches down here in so cal with the few players who use Remy. (me being one of them) - some tricks I / Others use I dont see in these vid’s that I think would work. All I know is that Remy’s anti air is hella strong, that was lame in Coop Cup 2 DVD when Ken never jumps at RyoChin, he just kicks it in the crouch and punishes the cold blue kick. gg.

and i agree with adverse, you guys are posting mainly pages in japanese, i cant navigate any of them for shit :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be a smart idea to right click and “save as” the links I posted.

There was a website that translates the japanese into English. You might want to ask the owners of SRK for the info.

As for Ken jumping on Ryo-Chin, That happenned several times. This is what I can recall off the top of my head:

round 1:

Ken jumps over lov and get’s air roundhouse, SAIII
Ken jumps and air parriers both LoV and RRF

round 2:

Ken parries LoV and attempts to air roundhouse, trades with Remy’s s. roundhouse.
Ken attempts to air parry something but eats a c. short

Round 3
Ken jumps, air parries LoV, eats RRF
Ken, after parrying and getting hit by several LoVs jumps over, no advantage.

Secondly, Ryo-Chin did not face any Ken player in the 2nd vid…only Dudley and Remy-O??

the save as feature isnt working can u just post the movie directions up please?

here look i stopped being lazy and i found the link


ALL these websites are either down, or have nothing to download.