3s downloads with Remy

u snooze u lose, they all worked at one point u just came too late


the only first one is remy vs dudley
this remy is really good maybe on par with ryo-chin but not as good compared to the dudley being used here…

does really good buffering as well with the dash + flash kick…

and he parries the second part of dudley’s SAII (hmmm 4 hits? seems so easy gotta try it next time) instead of C. fierce he goes for the neutral throw and misses the flash kick (i don’t think it would hit for him anyways… )

check out hte other videos… this dudley is CRAZY!!


yeah i saw all those dudley vids too they r pretty sick, i always thought nothing of dudley but after seeing all of them he’s definently on par with the rest of characters

the Remy himself was suprising to see cus it was really cool watching the remy stick out a whole bunch of high booms and mashing on strong like it was going out of style! i do the exact same thing lol.

Yeah, since dudley gives remy the beatdown in-close with those cheesy moves that recover quick, I heard this was the best strategy to beat a duddits. Though I think it’s possible to make the rush work well and it helps if you can adapt the sonic booms to close range combat and use them as bait. Perhaps it’s a poor strategy against the top dudley players, but I’ve made it work before.

random low hits beat dudley’s rush tho, but dont do anything low when they r in jump in range…:confused: