3s dreamcast worth it?

i know this game is primarily played on anniversary collection but i dont own a ps2 so i was gonna get it for dreamcast. are there any differences i should be wary of?

it’s good to play on dreamcast they use it in tournies. but iv’e never played on ps2 before

It’s better then arcade perfect

It’s like arcade perfect +1

It’s better then arcade perfect +1

It’s like arcade perfect +7

nah dude dont get it at all…everythings fucked up on that version. all the people in this thread are misleading you hardcore…

I think the timing of parries were awful in DC 3s. But I haven’t played it.

Parry-timing is way different on DC. For some reason some dudes were playing it at Evo West and I noticed everyone passed by with a “wtf” look on their faces.

to anniversary i think DC is super-slow

but to arcades it’s just a bit slower

i use DC, i can adapt to 3s at the arcades pretty easily, but as soon as i get enough money ima get ps2/AE.

There’s a person on the planet that doesn’t own a PS2??

I think thats more shocking than a person owning a Genesis and not a single sonic game.

im not too fond of sonys tactics, although im gonna get one eventually. also this thread is condtradicting so i might have to buy one just for this shit…

dc is the fastest version of 3s.

like the game speed itself doesn’t seem faster to me really, but the hit stun/canceling windows are noticeably smaller, you seem to have one instant less to link/cancel.

worth playing if you have no other options, i practiced on dc 3s for the longest time, and had no trouble adjusting to the timing, it actually seems easier compared to any other version. it actually helps your hit confirms imo.