3S: Dudley

I picked up 3S a couple of weeks ago and one of the characters I started to pick up was Dudley. Although I like using him im very unfamiliar with his links or strategies…

Could anyone possibly post a few nice combos and some strats with him? Thanks.

Jumping in with a Hk, Mk, Mk, Fp is your default jump in…2 of these will just about stun. His taunt is good for stopping the jump in. All of his moves do decent damage…and his deluxes are really strong too…(especially the reversal) rolling thunder should be avoided…but the other two are fairly interchangable…a glancing rocket uppercut can be juggled by a regular one afterwards, especially in the corner. If you parry well…dudley can be one of your best characters…his sweep has excellent range…his high hit is fast, giving his high low game cred. Alot of his moves seem to have slow recovery…but they can be saved by a super…(like the machine gun punch) …there’s more but I’d have to think harder…I’m not really into that…

With Dudley you need to play mind games, while in the corner you can do a Crouching Roundhouse and juggle afterwards, or you can hold forward on the joystick and press roundhouse(Hits Overhead)cancel into a super art(A bit Hard) or simply just go for a grab.Just mix in your punches with grabs, parrying helps alot and the best super arts are Rocket Uppercut and Corkscrew Blow(I Go Corkscrew Blow all the way).I’ll post more strategies later

Hope that helps.Good Shit for learning how to play DUDLEY


Oh and you can drop by Shatto 39 anytime after 6:00PM fridays so we can practice some Dudley.

Wow, that’s so cool of you. You wouldn’t happen to know any good Alex players as well would you?

A combo I use with Dudley when I jump in with super is forward (or roundhouse), land, c.jp, c.jp, super. It seems so easy to land for me anyway. I like to do jump in, lk, fk, sp, fp, or jump in, sp, fk, fp, but I find myself doing links into the hcf p alot because it seems safer and they can’t always duck the initial hits (if I link from crouching mp or something). I’ve seen people do what looks like infinites in the corner with his crouching roundhouse, though it was done on Dudley and I don’t know if it’s character specific or what… because I sure can’t do it.

I’m glad this thread got started, I’m just now starting to get into 3S and like Dudley alot.

Haha, nah, no good Alex players at Shatto. NONE.


Basic Dudley Love:

Best possible standard combo in my opinion is- Jump in Roundhouse, standing Roundhouse, Fierce Uppercut.

That’s it. On a normal stun bar, that’s at least half. It’s also an absurd amount of damage for a such simple combo.

Pick Rocket Uppercut if you know you’re going to win, Corkscrew blow for serious matches. CB will keep you from getting screwed if you’re itching to do a wakeup super, and you can tack it onto the end of most of your combos for extra damage. Example: Low roundhouse, QCF MK/MK-canceled into Corkscrew-

The EX machine gun blow is one of your best friends. Near the corner, you may use it to impress your friends with the basic Dudley uber-juggle!

Standing roundhouse, EX Machine Gun Blow, jab MGB, QCB short (hell, I forget what it’s called. The sway-back punch), then cancel into Super (SA1 is the best for this).

Also. VERY overlooked, and VERY useful, is his crouch-chain: crouching short, strong, fierce. This is good for saying “Hey, back the fuck up mister!” to your opponent, and it’s fast enough to be essentially free. Mix that up with throws in your pressure game.

Master those four things and you can go to Canada and be a Dudley god. Hell, bring some shiny rocks to trade and you might even become King.


Chain Combos:

lk, mk, mp, hp

mk, hk, hp

down+lk, down+mp, down+hp

That is all that comes to mind at the moment… I’m sure there are more…

B&B Combos (Rocket Upper [SA 1])

In corner: Jump in HP (optional…), hk, hcf+2 punch, hcf+lp, f+mp, super, (resets, yes parryable, but hard), dp+2 punch, dp+hp

In corner: down+hk, qcf+lp, f+mp, super, dp+2 punch, dp+hp

B&B Combos (Corkscrew Blow [SA 3])

In corner: Jump in HP (optional…), hk, hcf+2punch, hcf+2punch, hcf+lp, hcb+mk, super (as hcb+mk hits) [Kinda hard…for some oppoents]

anywhere: hk, hcf+2 punch, hcf+lp, hcf+mk (after dash hit mk again to hit) super (as mk hits)

anywhere: down+hk, hcf+lp, hcf+mk (after dash hit mk again to hit) super (as mk hits)

These are not basic combos…so you konw… and I dont know if I explained it very well, but hcf+mk he dashes foward, then if you hit either punch or kick he’ll do another action… (thats the part I didnt know if I explained well or not…)

As other people said, Dudley is a mind game character… Confuse the shit out of people (try) and you’ll have sucess.


Not just a good Alex player but an Awsome Alex player .I dont know if you heard of Adolfo Luevano but he is 1 of the sickest Alex players there’s around, and he plays at Shatto also so you can also practice with him.

Dammit, I said NONE!



Contributors, thanks for your input. This is helpful to me.

Dudley has mad style… :cool:


I said Shatto has an AWESOME ALEX player named Adolfo Luevano.Dammit Niles dont you want another ALEX player to go aginst your Urien:lol: :lol: :lol:

j.FP, s.RH, MP machine gun blow

wait all super arts are comboable after a forward roundhouse right. i can do alt he other sa’s except for sa 1.

I have to admit… I’m more of an Alex player than a Dudley player… Dudley is more of my sideproject… I didn’t want to play any of the shotos or anything…and besides he’s got class.

I like him cause of his great juggles… but I realized I myself have a hard time getting in on the opponent, any tips for landing a hit? or is he more gimicky like Alex?

You have to outsmart your opponent make him think you going low and hit high.(Its all about outsmarting your opp.)And after you parry a hit you can always combo after, if not try timing a very deep Fierce punch(people have a hard time parrying that)


SF3:3S- Dudley Combo Help!!!

I was watching a tourney vid and i seen a combo from dudley that was pretty cool. In the corner on ryu, he did two ex machine gun blows, jab mgb, hcb+mk, into the sa3. The problem im having is connecting the two ex machine gun blows. The second ex mgb never gets under them in order for that last hit to connect. Is there a special technique or something to it? Please let me know!!!

BUMP anyone know? And Duane you slick bastard I didnt know you were playing 3S. Rickys powers of corruption are strong heh.

Are you trying this on DC? If so, good luck. The double-EX MGB is hella hard to get out on DC, I whiff it almost 100% of the time. Try it on the arcade and the timing’s a lot more open… you should have no trouble doing it there. Same goes for those low roundhouse combos after an EX MGB – they’re a lot easier in the arcade.

If you’re not getting it at the arcade it’s probably cuz you’re doing the second EX MGB too late.