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Third Strike-Elena Thread

Why is it there is not conversation about Elena from The SF 3 series? I know Ken, Ryu and Chun Li are not the only characters in the fuckin game…
How Elena Is good even though shes underrated: Excelent pokes.
Her c. Rh, c mk/mp can hit you from a mile away. Her J.Fp is good for jump ins also.

Rhino horn is for the ppl who like to jump backwards, does good dmg

Mallet smash: Good overhead move, ive forced a few ppl into a corner with this move.

Spin scythe: Another good pressure move, 4 hits if you continue the QCB Motion.

Scratch Wheel: the Dp of Elena, this move is fuckin good for anti air and if u wanna buffer this into a super.

Lynx Tail, Simular to A gymnastics Flare, This can easily trip an opponent if the opponent forgets to block the last 2 kicks.

Superart2, Brave Dance The best Super art she has. The only thing is that if a opponent jumps over it, its bad for you and if the opponent is in mid air and elena;s knee only hits them, she still starts attacking thus wasting the move. Do now whiff this out unless the opponent is dashing toward you.

Im not saying Elena owns every one but all i see nowadays is Ken and Ryu players on 3rd Strike, I stopped using Ken for a long while to learn her and im not dissapointed. Peace


here’s an Elena combo for you

low MP, qcb+kk, hcf+kk, dp+k

and i think Brave Dance is more meant to be used as a punishing move since it’s so fast.


yea man thx alot… I just tried out the heal super art today and that shit is too nice man. Its mad helpful when you fight a asshole like a lvl 8 Gouki or Gill, It saved my ass big time.
Elena is just too much.


Two guys I know play Elena religiously, and it’s hard work. But when you’re good, you’re DAMN good, because she’s such an obscure character.

I’d recommend playing her as a super-pressure character, since her pokes are so good. Throw like, all the time, as she’s got a great dash for it and funky range. Also, any time you throw someone and they don’t roll (or even if they do, honestly) that’s some free healing right there. Make sure not to do it on someone like Urien ior a charged up SA1 Ryu or something though, or you’ll be eating free damage.


This is the target combo people SHOULD use with Elena:

C.Strong xx EX Spin Scythe, Short Scratch Wheel

It does only about a point or two less than the combo that uses THREE damn EX moves.

Anyway, Elena is a good character with strong fundamental moves. You can get into the fancy stuff occasionally to fool someone, but when you get right down to it, she’s meat and potatoes. Jump forward, mallet smash, crouch jab/short, crouch strong, slide, throw. Her main problem is a lack of reliable anti-air. Best way to deal with it is parry into scratch wheel, or if you suck like me and can’t parry, EX scratch wheel works sometimes.


I’ve been trying to get better at Elena myself. You can play some good mind games with her since she has 4 overheads: mallet smash, f + MP, f + MK, and universal overhead. If you mix them up along with low attacks, you can get a good mix up game going.

Brave dance is definitely her best super art. It recovers a lot faster than most people think. Most of my friends try to punish me after it, but they end up whiffing or having their attacked blocked, giving me a chance to counter. Plus, it’s fairly easy to combo into.

Biggest problem for Elena is she deals so little damage. If they only beefed up her attacks a bit more… Plus, if a person learns to parry all of her stuff… your pretty much a sitting a duck. But since she’s not used very much, not many people can parry her attacks.


Fuck the target combo. What you should be going for is c. strong xx Brave Dance. As AA, parry and throw. Parrying the EX Scratch Wheel is easy. Dash and throw is Elena’s best friend. Don’t jump with her. Her jumpins are very easy to parry and her jump blows. If you want to turtle, she is one of the few characters in the game with a “continuous” back dash (Yun and Yang are the 2 others). This is slow but its OKAY for retreat. I don’t do this, just thought I’d mention it for pussies who turtle and play defensive.


Quote:**Biggest problem for Elena is she deals so little damage. If they only beefed up her attacks a bit more… **
Yea thats true but i noticed that her moves cause more stun then most female and some male characters in the game

Quote:I’d recommend playing her as a super-pressure character, since her pokes are so good. Throw like, all the time, as she’s got a great dash for it and funky range

Thats hella true also. Playing Elena as a pressure character makes her dangerous. Her s.medium kick plus her j.Fierce are good start up moves for the brave dance. Dont forget about the healing super art, Throw some one or high jump back then do the motion as soon as she lands.


I dont think you could be more wrong. Elena has some of the better air pokes in the game. j.rh is awesome j.fp is good as well. I also tend to use c.short xx Brave Dance more than c.strong as ou can block her c.strong high.


Agreed, I think Elena’s air game is pretty good.


Elena has the highest, if not, one of the highest jumps in the game. It can be difficult to time antiairs against her due to high jumping ability. And I agree that she does have some really good air pokes.

Elena is definitely an offensive character. I really don’t think it’s possible to play defensive/turtle with her and win efficiently. You need to keep up the pressure, and play mind games. Couple of pokes here, overheads there…and throw, throw, throw. You can also combo into the brave dance after the 2nd hit of the j. rk.


I still don’t think she’s good in air. Her jump is slow and sux. C. short xx BD is fine also.


If I recall right, if you hit an airborne opponent with some of her air pokes (including jumping HK I think) it can set up a dash under, low short/strong, Brave Dance. It works pretty well because you land right before the opponent and in their back so they often block the wrong way or try to throw.


u’d have to suck real bad to not react fast enough to that…and anyone can hit u in the air and dash behind…its not some elite Elena trick.


I like Elenas air pokes IMo, there fast and since she has long legs they have no choice but to have long range. usually i like to jump in deep with a mk to do this combo i been pracitceing…

jump in deep with mk, hold down, tap mp two in one, do the ex spin sycthe for 4 hits then do the scratch wheel xx super art 1. that does 11 hits . the thing it is they have to be in the corner in order for this to work. Jumping with elena does make her combo game a bit easier.


It actually comes out pretty fast, try it before you make this kind of comments. But somehow I’m not too surprised since this is coming from someone who thinks Elena’s air game is weak. It’s fast enough so that some people get confused and try to tech/block, which is the point.

I’ll never claim my tactics are “elite” (because they really aren’t, especially with Elena which I don’t use much), I’m just trying to help. I mean, geez, look at who’s commenting (Mr. “let’s buffer Gigas during Hugo’s DP and let’s tick throw with Sean’s standing HK”). :lol:

And not anyone can hit you in the air and dash behind with as much ease as Elena… You need a good dash (long/fast) and good air attacks that make the opponent bounce (like jumping HK because it hits twice). Actually the only character I can think of right now is Makoto, the others can’t do it as easily.


i like Elena, jump back and roundhouse is good, air chains: 1. jab, forward 2. mid punch, fierce(thanks Wilson), ground chain: st. forward, down+fierce (thanks again Wilson). you can land healing after a throw, scratch wheel, or roundhouse on most people. poke with crouching mid punch XX into brave dance. it’s like a poor mans chunli mid kick. you can gamble (SOME people can parry it, but you can scare even the best ('cept for maybe Posadas) into not parrying shiite with some simple mind games, just keep the mallet smash out of their current/ immediate awareness) with a mid punch or fierce mallet smash and link a spinning beat, red parry will kill you quick though. otherwise mix it up, jump over and super (THE Wilson) yeah pretty basic but you would be suprised. i’m all on Wilson’s jock 'cause he learned me some cool stuff and has the best Elena in these parts. Dogface from AZ has a good Elena as well, maybe he’ll post some of his “jumping everywhere” Elena tactics. i hear Adolfo has been using her as well. hee, hee overhead from max distance on wake-up stops alot of shiite if you hit it “meaty” old schoolers know whats up. what’s her best kara throw? oh, and how do you deal with Ken and turtle Chun? late.


What exactly do you guys use for anti-air? Her scratch wheel gets stuffed too much for my tastes.


i parry and throw.


what’s her best kara throw?