3s European Tournament (13/8/08)

Ok, another tournament for the few European players. Lets hope it goes as well as the last one! :woot:

Everyone be logged on 2DF on time, so I can give brackets and take results etc. One person after each match will message me the result on 2DF afterward. Matches will take place on 2DF and if neither of both opponents can host, use P2P nFBA in conjunction with Hamachi. Even if you can’t play on 2DF,still sign on, as all players must be in one area for matchmaking and brackets etc. Details are posted below for those who can’t host about the latest P2P Kaillera Client and how to record inputs. I doubt there will be a lot of people using P2P nFBA because the majority of us can use 2DF. If you can’t host, go and familiarise yourself with Hamachi and nFBA P2P, as I WILL DQ YOUR ASS IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO USE IT ON THE DAY!

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (Japan, 990512, NO CD)

Date 13/8/08

Time 10PM GMT on 2DF

Late registration: Accepting late registration on 2DF from 9PM-10PM

Emulator: 2DF/ P2P NFBA DTR9


Feb 11 Client Important! Must use same client!


Nation: European/(Outside US/Canada) players

Format 32 Players Double Elimination. If there is not enough players or an odd amount of players, I’ll have to make a smaller bracket and maybe cut someone if its an odd number. Hope it doesn’t come to that

2/3 for all prelims
3/5 for Winners/Losers Finals
4/7 Grand Finals


1 Must know how to use 2DF and P2P for those of us who can’t host. If you can’t host then you will have to use Hamachi



2 Must know how to use 2DF



Only join if you know you will be present at this particular date and time. If a majority of people think this date and time are bad, let me know


1 Strictly 2DF, no GGPO. Many people have problems with it, although it is a bit better. P2P nFBA for those who can’t host. If you can’t host, use Hamachi. On the day, if people can’t host and still don’t have Hamachi or can’t use it, you get Disqualified.

2 Post up here with your name and character to register. Late registrations will be taken from 9PM-10PM on 2DF

3 Once the brackets are made, no more registrations being accepted.

4 If you want to change your character or drop out, post up here.

5 Record your matches via krec files on nFBA P2P. You download the recorder here


Unzip it, then pop the files in your nFBA folder, and that’s it. Once you connect, tick the “Record” box. Adds no lag to match and saves as a super small .krec file. Afterward, email, AIM, or MSN the .krecs to me, including the players names. Video editing and uploading will be done during the days after the tournament.
Please record the input on nFBA, its super easy and takes two seconds. I can record the games on 2DF from the server itself afterwards

Anyway, I hope this goes well. If hardly any players sign up I guess I’m going to have to call it off. Anyway, here goes!

1 Ramza126 - Urien
2 Fapko - Ryu
3 SpinalBlood - Ken
4 X.L - Gouki
5 Hookt - Makoto
6 Impreza - Urien
7 Jinty - Yang
8 Xavier - Makoto
9 Qugstav - Dudley
10 Daouid - Ken - Signed up on 2DF Forums
11 Bushin187 - Dudley - Signed up on 2DF Forums
12 -D- - Gouki
13 Banoffee - Urien - Signed up on 2DF Forums
14 Cybertab - Twelve - Signed up on 2DF Forums
15 Oww My Kneecap - Ryu - Signed up on 2DF Forums
16 Adversary - Urien
17 Dong - Alex
18 Mylo - Ryu - Signed up on 2DF Forums
19 Nstalkie - Oro - Signed up on 2DF Forums
20 The French Darkside - Gouki - Signed up on 2DF Forums
21 Platinum - Dudley - Signed up on 2DF Forums
22 Mik - Yang - Signed up on 2DF Forums
23 ZanFox - Yun - Signed up on 2DF Forums
24 S1l3 - Urien - Signed up on 2DF Forums
25 Semper-FI - Ryu - Signed up on 2DF Forums
26 S2K - Dudley - Signed up on 2DF Forums
27 Dedyone - Ibuki - Signed up on 2DF Forums
28 T0go_0wnz_u - Ken
29 Drobizh - Gouki
30 The Killa - Ken
31 Benga - Gouki
32 Nocens - Ryu - Late Registration
33 A.Q.H - Yun - Late Registration
34 KAMI - Urien - Late Registration
35 Kairo - Ken - Late Registration

I’m in. Ryu scrubdom ftw. :looney:

Sign me up


Sounds fun! I’ll play Akuma, my username on 2df is X.L.

I’m in with Makoto. Make sure you know how the brackets work this time Ramza! :slight_smile:

Lol ye, thanks for the help last time! :woot:

Impreza - Urien

I’ll join with Yang

Ok, my friend Xavier who forgot his password on SRK wants to join.

Sign me teh up

Qugstav - Dudley

Sign me: Adversary - Urien

Can I just double check the time though, 11pm (BST… GMT+1 or whatever) ?

I will be there, my character is Alex.

Last time you held a tournament I was not there because of mirc, this time I won’t miss it.

Ciao Spinal ^

Its 10PM GMT, so whatever that is for you

lol kendong, sei incorreggibile :rofl:

just to be clear, we are not on GMT at the moment in Ireland and the UK we are on British/Irish Summer time UTC+1, portugal is also on this.

However Central europe is currently on Central European Summer time UTC +2

so the hour difference is the same as always.

of course eastern europe is 2 hours ahead.

(btw, Algeria, Morrocco and Iceland are still on UTC 0 so they are an hour behind us.)

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Thanks, but I’ll still list the time as 10PM GMT, to save confusion

To late for me on workday. Hope to see krec replays after tournament.

yo I’m in with Ken! cya tonight ^^

erm is it to late to signup?
if not i’m in with gouki

im in Killa- Ken