3s European Tournament (20/6/08)

Decided to host my own tournament for all those European players. I doubt this will be a great success, but I’ll post up all the details for everyone who’s interested. This is my first time, so if I make a few mistakes, my bad :sweat:

You must know how to use IRC, how to use P2P nFBA, and if you cannot host, use Hamachi! If on the day you don’t know what to do, then you will get an instant DQ! You have a week to familiarise yourself with it, so get moving! Do not go and download IRC at the last minute and not have a clue how to use it! It’s very simple and very useful. Make sure you have all the required stuff listed!

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (Japan, 990512, NO CD)

Date 20/6/08

Time 10PM GMT

IRC Channel #euro3s @ EFNet

Late registration Accepting late registration on IRC from 9PM-10PM

Emulator P2P NFBA DTR9


Feb 11 Client Important! We must all use the same client, so use this one!


Nation European/(Outside US/Canada) players

Format 32 Players Double Elimination. If there is not enough players or an odd amount of players, I’ll have to make a smaller bracket and maybe cut someone if its an odd number. Hope it doesn’t come to that

2/3 for all first matches
3/5 for Winners/Losers Finals
4/7 Grand Finals


1 Must know how to use P2P. If you can’t host then you will have to use Hamachi



2 Must know how to use mIRC.



Only join if you know you will be present at this particular date and time. If a majority of people think this date and time are bad, let me know


1 Strictly P2P nFBA. If you can’t host, use Hamachi. On the day, if people can’t host and still don’t have hamachi or can’t use it, you get Disqualified.

2 Post up here with your name and character to register. Late registrations will be taken from 9PM-10PM on IRC.

3 Once the brackets are made, no more registrations being accepted.

4 If you want to change your character or drop out, post up here.

5 Record your matches via krec files. You download the recorder here


unzip it, then pop the files in your nFBA folder, and thats it. Once you connect, tick the “Record” box. Adds no lag to match and saves as a super small .krec file. Afterwards, email the .krecs to me, including the players names. Video editing and uploading will be done during the days after the tournament.

Anyway, I hope this goes well. If hardly any players sign up I guess I’m going to have to call it off. Anyway, here goes!


1 Ramza126 - Urien
2 Fapko - Ryu
3 drobizh - Oro
4 S1l3 - Urien
5 SpinalBlood - Ken
6 BiolloInTrip - Urien
7 IceMan - Ken
8 CodeRed - Gouki
9 Dong - Alex
10 Jinty - Yang
11 Hookt - Makoto
12 Nocens - Gouki

Ill Play…
Will You Allow Ec Players…
Since Many Here Dont Seem Too Allow Your Areas?
Ho Ho Ho

I’ve played you on 2df and the connection was fine. However, I’ll have to face some more EC players to see if its consistent. I’ll get back to you

i think you should just include only european nations. honestly people from south america are going to have the same delay problem as us does.

Ye, good idea. Guess your out lion

huh…our connection was fine.
although his name is neverdone,
his idea is done

oh shut up already lol…your soo corny

I’m in. I’ll be entering with my ryu.

I’m in. Oro FTW.

Me too, I’ll be playin’ the Thong man.

Sign me up

I use Ken

Sign me.

Char? Urien.

My friend on MSN contacted me and said he wants in. He forgets his SRK details, so he couldn’t log in himself. Here are his details anyway

IceMan - Ken

Yet another one of my friends who can’t log in to SRK, lol. Here he is

CodeRed - Gouki

I join.

I will use Alex.

your doin good ramza

i would give you some practice this week for this tournament but its on the day of my prom :frowning:

Good Luck with this

Ok. Thanks for the interest :tup:

Erin go deo!

Sea, mo chara! :tup: An bhuil suim thu leis an tournament?

LMAO, do you even speak Gaeilge?

You did it then, and without my help. ^^. sign me up. Urien.