3s Experimentation Vid ( may be old )


Like the topic says, mod plz delete if it’s old

I’d never seen it. It was actually pretty cool.

nice vid. i love goofy shit like this

Pretty cool stuff there

cool vid.

but old.

Wohh, Capture and Deadly Blow has mad priority. Cool vid, thanks.

great vid!!! old but great!!!
some bady have this video to Download??..=)

That video was awesome!!

Woah. Nice stuff.

I likey. Strange properties indeed.

LOL @ dual Elena buttcracks.

:looney: :looney:

Really awesome vid. Never seen it.

wait a minute! does anybody here know how to taunt with hugo and make poison come out and bitch? thats cool, i’ve done it before but i dunno how i did it.

hold up then taunt

thanks brodder