3s: Family Fun Arcade Ranking Battle #3! (So.Cal)

Starting Saturday, September 2nd, Family Fun Arcade and Denjin Video will host the third season of FFA 3s RanBat!

All scheduled dates are bi-weekly, on a Saturday unless otherwise noted.

#3.1: September 2nd
#3.2: September 16th
#3.3: September 30th
#3.4: October 14th
#3.5: October 28th
#3.6: November 11th

5:00 PM: Signups Begin
7:00 PM: Bracket Creation, Equipment Testing
8:00 PM: Tournament Begins

Important Note: Due to the starting time, there will be a $2.00 Late Fee for signups after 7pm.

Double Elimination
Single Character
Single Match until Top 8 (Quarter-Finals)
Best of Three during Top 8 (Quarter-Finals to Grand Finals)
$5.00 Entry Fee

To be announced…

Point Structure
1st through 4th place of each tournament will receive the following amount of points:

1st: 10 pts.
2nd: 7 pts.
3rd: 5 pts.
4th: 3 pts.

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-0419

Matches will be recorded and posted online!

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damn it tom. damn it damn it damn it. this is the weekend of my going away party, and the only Ranbat I’d be able to attend before I move to NJ for school :sad:. I’ll try to make it!

Weenie! Thy name is Arly Juice! :arazz:

Hey, if it’s my birthday, can I get a bonus point or something (just so I can say I got points)?

Naw, it’ll be a team tourney. Drunk vs Stoned.

For team Drunk:
Ray Ramos (who turns into Razor Ramon when drunk)
5 Star

Team Stoners:
Frankie 3s

frankie3s is team stoner?? no…

team stoner is down a person.

I’d like a good whiff of the reefer to get in on that shit.

when the fuck did five star start biting daigo colors D=

i’ll be sure to make this. this will be my last ranbat i can attend being that i’ll be going away to school in norcal. let’s make it HYPE!


This shit is gonna be fun.

about how long do you guess the tourney will run?

usually ends at something like 2, but then again its also depending on the amount of people entered.

oh, cool. i thought that single matches till final eight might’ve meant a quicker tourney. i guess that means no hiphop show for me on sat. thanks for the info.

p.s. if i put five on it, can i join team stoner?

Remember, try to get there by 7!