3s French world cup and SBO qualifier results

Here are just some of the results:

Wednesday - FFJC 3s side tourney

1st: Prodigal Son [KE] (UK)
2nd: PinoAB7 [NE] (JP)
3rd: Hayao [HU] (JP), Dukus [KE] (UK)

Thursday - FFJC 3s side tourney

1st: Hayao [HU] (JP)
2nd: PinoAB7 [NE] (JP)
3rd: BillyKane [YU], Ultrayox [YA] (FR)

Friday - FFJC World Cup:

1st: PinoAB7 [NE] (JP)
2nd: BillyKane [YU] (FR)
3rd: Hayao [HU] (JP), Ultrayox [YU] (FR)

Saturday - Road 2 Japan 2on2:

1st: PinoAB7/Hayao (JP)
2nd: CCL/Mich (BE)
3rd: Prodigal Son/Dukus (UK), Atmanworld/Kahikusu (FR)

Sunday - ESF Tougeki Qualifiers:

1st: Team Good - Yusuke/Dukus/Prodigal Son (UK)
2nd: Muteki Team - BillyKane/Yamazaki93/Ultrayox (FR)

Yusuke [YU] X - O BillyKane [YU]
Dukus [DU] O - X BillyKane [YU]
Dukus [DU] O - X Yamazaki93 [KE]
Dukus [DU] X - O Ultrayox [YA]
Prodigal Son [KE] O - X Ultrayox [YA]

Well done to all players and big up to Team UK (aka Team TROC) for winning!!!:wgrin:

top stuff :clap: congrats team UK

any vids?

What happened to that Mymoza guy?

gratz to all winners, specially to Team UK :tub:

there are rumors that a second UK Team will come to the SBO Qualifier in Germany?

that would be really cool, looking forward to it :pleased:

Mymoza couldn’t make it.

Full winners list:


Soulcalibur 3 : Keev
Dead Or Alive 4 : Kof
Capcom vs SNK2 : Yamazaki93
KOF 2002 : Will2Pac
Street Fighter 3.3 : PinoAB7
Guilty Gear XX reload : Cuongster
Super Street Fighter 2X : Professor Jones
Tekken 5 : Prodigal Son


Guilty Gear XX#R 3vs3 : Team ESF (Phil/Ben/Cuongster)
Capcom vs SNK2 : Evil
Soulcalibur 3 : Kayane
Street Fighter 3.3 : Team R2J Japan (Hayao/PinoAB7)


Neo Geo Battle Coliseum : Frionel
GGXX Slash : Team ESF (Ben/Phil/Evil PE)
3s: Team Good (Prodigal Son/Dukus/Yusuke)
KOF XI : Frionel

BillyKane: cheers, also looking forward to playing u in germany if I go!

Tao Tao: yes hopefully if all goes to plan me and a few others will be going to germany to try qualify, but it wont be easy as BillyKanes team I think is also going as well as other great players am sure!

how many ppl entered 3s and t5 at ffjc?vidz?

I hope UK does well for SBO4!!! Maybe if they show up for evolution 06… it would be great… but money is always an issue…

how many people entered #R? =o

i would love to see pinoab7 vids …any vids of 3s??

A bunch of Japanese people think I went to this tournament and won. I keep getting random compliments from different players and I have to explain that it has to be a different person every time, since I’ve never been to France.

Turns out my name is only one letter different from “Ryan Hart” in Japanese so that’s where all the confusion is coming from :looney:

[VIDEO]Road to Japan 2006

pls translate

Videos from Cannes “ROAD TO JAPAN 2006”:

Section VIDEO.