3s Game Zone X results

1st-Justin Wong
2nd JR Rodriguez
3rd-Mike Watson
4th-Paul Lee

16 players entered. Thanks to everyone who attended! Congrats to Justin!

Good job J.R… You got 2nd. Haven’t seen you in a while… I need to practice 3s. :o

Also, special thanks to Don Sneddon, Paul Lee, players from Maryland, Danny and Philip Leong, Nibor, and other for making the trip…Justin took home $135, and the new SF Anniversary Edition with 3s for XBOX in August.

You’re gonna have to set up a shuttle service from Civilization out to BumfuckX, yo.


i’m pretty sure ken i did not get 4th

I WAS WONDERING IF THE RESULTS ARE GOING TO BE PUT ON APEX?:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I know I’m late but how did this happen? Is Justin better than Cali in 3s?! Maybe I’m adding 2 and 4 and getting 20 but does anyone wanna drop some details on how good this kid really is in 3s.


i’m pretty sure Justin can beat most all of cali in 3S, but he didn’t play Vic Vance, Frankie or Pyrolee, who didn’t show up to the Game Zone X tournament, so we’ll have to wait till evo, and see if they play each other. Or maybe pyro will go to MWC.

justin plays very safe, and plays to win. he’s the best/safest ken there is. he focuses when he plays. he’s most likely the #1 3S player in the US now.

its not most likely he is the #1 3s player in the US right now

tokido awakened a beast. haha.

id like to see him play pyro or frankie or vic though.

he’d probably beat frankie and pyro, while losing to vic. it’s the nature of the matchups.

twitch: are you speaking english? :frowning:

wtf i said its not most likely… HE IS THE #1 3S PLAYER IN THE US NOW

:lol: or did u want me to speak french?:confused:

no, but had you put in a period or some sort of divider to separate THE TWO DIFFERENT statements, i might’ve understood better. :smiley: <3

I can take him.


It’s true, the only way that us literate folk could possibly read that was as a very awkward statement saying It was most likely that Justin is not the best 3s player in the world.


oh and pyro is still better…

Ya sorry bout that…It seemed to ok…to lazy for periods and such:p

While pyro is good justin beat ricky for free at ecc9 so i think he can beat pryo as well…

First of all the “x beat y and y beat z so x will beat z” logic doesn’t really work in this realm, as z HAS won before. 2nd, who said Ricky was better than Pyro? Evo certainly doesn’t count, it’s almost been a year, I really don’t think Ricky will make top 8 again this year.

EDIT: The empire av inverted looks pretty tight.

and pyro beat Ricky at NCR2, your logic is wrong.

Hmmm i thought that ricky was the best 3s player in the us (prior to ECC)… anywayz ur rite the best way would be for pyro to play justin to find out who is better.

PS: I heard pyro’s on jap level :eek:

I still think justin can win tho:p

anywayz there both really tight players.

I gotta play this game more Arcadekid keeps beasting on me:(