3S good for casuals?


I’m going to be picking this game up on PS2 since I’ve been wanting to play 3S ever since I saw gameplay footage of it (see this vid). Just want to know if it is good for casual play between a few friends gathered around a TV. I think the parry system would make for some epic memories :smiley:


Personally, I think yes. However, if you are expecting to do anything from SF4, stop now. Walk in expecting a different game entirely because that’s exactly what it is: a different game.

If you expect to do any shit from those highlight videos, you better be ready for a lot of time and dedication that I doubt you’d want to put in just for the fact that the west coast is one of the only places left with a lively scene with random pockets in NY and (maybe) MD.

It’s a fun game and a classic but it’s a bitch to learn. And that’s why we love it :tup:


It’s probably my favorite casual game of all time, with cvs2 and marvel not being very far from being up there as well. So yeah buy it, it’s worth it for the ken vs ken-casuals alone.


You’ll probably end up finding some of the goofiest and most hilarious shit off of just casuals. So that’s definitely a yes.