3s Grandmaster Invitational

Who’s going to be playing? :smiley:

ill be there. id love to be invited again to this; it was great being invited to that top 16 tournament years ago!

if pierrot or tsumoon is not there it doesnt matter

Should be great to watch and learn from :slight_smile:

@ C Royd- Hell yeah

I’ll be there also Sign me up as someone who would love to participate in this if Evo is taking suggestions for the roster.

i can help with choosing the right players for this.

please evo staff, dont let this event get wasted.

please do some research before just throwing out random spots
id really hate to see the game i love be humiliated because the staff knows nothing about the 3s community

Surely EVO wont be flying out all the best contemporary Japanese 3rd Strike players to EVO for an invitational? That leads me to believe that they are just gonna get American players down.I wouldnt mind seeing some players like Emphy, Hungbee, 5 Star etc but I really dont think seeing Justin Wongs Chun Li or something would make for a hype event.

Take a second to think about what site you posted this in and what tournament you’re talking about.

what you meant to say

dont think it will be an issue. tbh, with a name like “grandmaster invitational” this is meaningless without flying over a lot of japanese players, but im sure evo staff will get the best in the US (along with the Japanese superstars) on this one. My concerns are for those that might fall through the cracks due to (lack of) exposure…

in the slim chance theyd actually fly out japanese players, please contact me evo staff. i have direct contact with the majority of tokyos best 3rd strike players thru mixi.

if its american only + tokido (most likely), I hope were not gonna see a bunch of 2004 all stars.

Evo does not fly out players under any circumstances.

unless they win the online tournaments…

I cant wait for this invitational… i just hope we dont end up with all chun players… they only bad thing about 3S is that there’s no real character diversification… i nominate Kevin Hart… and DevilJin the well-dressed Ibuki player

I nominate 5star, Victoly, Amir, Vinny, Pyro and Ken I. With these 5 in the mix, it won’t matter who else is in the tourney, shit will be hype. If you need a Dan, then I would throw me in the mix. :slight_smile:

no offense lenin but your post is exactly what im talking about.

yis retired
vic doesnt play anymore
amir, i dont know, but pretty sure he hasnt played in close to a year lol
ken i is who knows
pyro would never play console
vinny should be in.

I nominate having no more than 2 chunli players in the roster

pretty plz :lovin:

nominate Ryan to assist evo with the roster…pleeeeeez

Seconding the ryan nomination, as well as Vinny. I admit I’m basing this off of watching match vids of him and recent tourney placings, but even just off those I think he’s sick enough to be granted a spot.

I just can’t see the game being played at THAT level without these guys. Vinny alone couldn’t make the tournament seem more interesting, he would just mop the floor with the competition if those other dudes weren’t there. Barring rom, of course.

Didn’t 5 star just recently post about playing OE?

And it’s a bummer if Pyro really wouldn’t play. He’s one of the absolute best players to show off how awesome 3S is.

Looking forward to seeing what this is all about.