3s:Great game, Bad Cast?


On another board I got involved with a thread about 3rd Strike being a great game plagued by a bad cast. I’ll admit that I was a bit put off by the fact that I only knew a few of the cast members when i started playing, but as I’ve gotten more into the game and more acquainted with the characters, they’ve definitely grown on me. I also didn’t play NG or 2I before, so I didn’t know any of the newer characters from those games.

I am still a bit confused as to why they had some 3s characters play slightly like older characters (like Remy’s specials and even some normals reminding one of Guile’s moveset) instead of just bringing back the older characters. But as I said before, the cast has definitely grown on me as I’ve played more and I’m glad they didn’t bring back more older characters.

So what do you guys think? Is the cast great, weak, in-between?


I think the cast is great.

3’s brought a bunch of new characters that were new to the SF series and like you, I at first didn’t like them too much but they all grew on me.

Esp chars like: Q, Gill, Necro & Alex.


i’ll take oro, makoto, and dudley over any other sf characters


no, the roster is fine and it’s good that it has different chars than SFII, it’s a different game dammit !

There are some very original or more modern designs in that game, eventhough, of course, as in every game, some already look dated and old.
And the fighting styles are very studied.
I think they made Remy/necro etc… just to propose a new design, more up to date with 2000 mood.

Fans being fans, change guile’s old design a bit to update him, and you’ll have as many complaints and praises.
And guile didn’t change a bit in SFIV.
Then it’s easier (and more interesting) to propose a new skin for an old moveset.

love oro, makoto, Q, 12 and I prefer Sean over Dan.


Ibuki is my favorite SF character ever, and shes not in any other game.



keep: Urien, Gill, Alex, Hugo, Yun, Yang, Duds, Q
Throw away: Elena, 12, Remy, Oro
Don’t care: Makoto, Ibuki, Necro, Sean

P.S. No I’m not an SF2 fanboy, I hate most of the characters in it, especially compared to 3S characters, infact I hate SF2 specific cast members almost as much as I hate the Alpha cast.
I mean WTF is Sodom? Seriously.


Twelve is why I play 3s. Maybe Hugo too.

Granted I can use the entire cast competitively…except Elena.


Dudley is like, my all-time favorite SF character. As with some of the others said, at first I disliked some of the characters (Remy, Necro, and Twelve in particular), but they eventually grew on me.

I think the cast for 3s is fine.


I too got really hooked into using Dudley.


Sodom is from Final Fight if you didnt know, just like Hugo is. I think it’s kinda cool that they took Final Fight characters and SF-ized them.

One of the things that I loved about the original cast, is that it seemed like they were really trying to bring in a whole bunch of different cultures and martial arts styles and represent them. Some of them they did better than others, but it was definitely cool to see a game try, even if unintentionally, to be sort of multicultural. Maybe I’m overanalyzing a bit, but SF2 truly was all about a WORLD Warrior.

They even went further with this in SSF2 bringing in T.Hawk, DeeJay, and Bruce Le…I mean, uh, Fei Long. :wink: CAmmy too even.

I don’t know that 3s does all this as well as SSF2 did, but then, it has more extreme characters like Necro, Oro, and Urien. Yeah, we had Blanka before, but most of the other characters didn’t seem too out of the ordinary, appearance-wise. There were some exaggerated things about them, such as Sagat’s height or Zangief’s build, but for the most part, it didnt’ seem like a stretch to think that there’s someone out there who might look kinda like Guile or Ryu or Balrog (boxer). I don’t really know the stories behind all the characters in 3s, so I’m not really sure WHY they chose some of the nationalities for them that they did (why is Necro Russian?) but it’s interesting to see the variety of countries represented other than just US, Japan, and China.

I guess what I’ve come to is that different casts are good for different reasons. While WW’s cast is slightly more realistic appearance wise, 3s’s cast is supposed to be pretty extreme and out-there, and that’s why it’s good. I probably should have put this all in the OP, but I didn’t really sit down to think about it much until just now.

Feel free to shoot holes in this and make discussion as you see fit! :sweat:


No way man. If you’re referring to how unique or cool Street Fighter 3 characters are compared to the other Street Fighter characters like in SF II, Alpha, Marvel, CvS 2, etc., Street Fighter 3 wins by a mile in my book. Let’s see…


Those are some pretty sick characters right there. All very creative and original in their own respects. Gouki counts because I think this is the game that I like his style/combos in the most. It’s like art watching a really good Gouki. Though I haven’t seen him in SF 4 because I haven’t started playing that game yet.


I really love SF3’s characters, I like them better than the rest


Alex, twins, and Ibuki are my favorite. All the other 3s characters are meh. Especially how everyone likes Urien and Dudley, kinda overrated to me :/. Dudley isn’t even a badass, Balrog(boxer) is way cooler.

Oro - would be cool since he’s a master and all, too bad he plays like a cunt.

Elena - not so cool of a character.

Makoto - well, I wouldn’t let her pass if it wasn’t for her play style, but she’s alright I guess.

Necro - same as above. Not really an interesting character, but fun to play.

12 - who likes this thing? Shits just a blob that sucks ass and gets anal’d

Urien - a badass, but the whole thong thing kills it.

Dudley - too boring of a personality, but fun to play.

Hugo - I guess Alex needed a rival, he’s an ok character design. I think it’s just that he gets fucked up too often for me to think of him as cool.

Sean - Black or brazilian, he is pretty cool.

Remy - Garbage to me.

Q - I don’t really like or hate him, he’s just a filler for me.

Alex - Looks and plays like a badass. He’s also up to date in style, stomping on skulls with timberlands. He gets down.

Yang - He’s my pick for the twins. If I had to pick one to be in a game it would be him. If yun didn’t exist it would be completely fine by me. And he slaps foos, he too also gets down.

Yun - He attempts to be cool but just doesn’t pull it off as much as yang. When not being compared to his counterpart, he is somewhat cool though.

And yeah I was bored for the time being.


3s Characters are so much better.
In my opinion I say 3s>sf2 any day


Good cast, bad game.


I would agree that the cast could be better. I think there was definitely some laziness on Capcom’s part. You have 4 shotos, Yang/Yun, Gill/Urien, and Necro/Twelve. You know that they were sitting around thinking, “how can we add more characters without actually doing all that work?”

You also have Dudley and Necro in New Generation which immediately remind people of Balrog and Dhalsim, Andore as Hugo, and Remy channeling Guile in 3S. And then a lot of the characters who have really cool styles of play are pretty boring looking (Makoto, Q, Twelve).




3S isn’t a Street Fighter as far as how it’s played.

In terms of it being an SF, it’s a bad one.

In terms of it being a fighting game, it’s second to none.


Oh and the cast?

Ken4life, that’s what I say about the cast.


3s is a mixed bag character wise. Some of them fit in really well in the SF universe and others make me go WTF.

I liked all of the original SF 2 cast tho. I didn’t realize the hate was so strong for them.