3s Guide's, tutorials, and match videos with commentary

I’ve been playing in arcades and going to tournaments for a while now and I decided to share the information I have with you guys that will improve your game in 3rd strike and get ready for the release of the online game next year.

I release Content everyday. Check out my tutorial on how to practice and option selects.

Thu Dec 30th - How option selects work in 3s
Fri Dec 31st - Some Matches from a tournament

Sat Jan 1st-
Flash G. vs Golden Lion
Chris G. vs Kevin
GreenTea vs Mutant XP
Ahmed vs Flash G.

Sun Jan 2nd - Another tutorial and some more matches from the tourney
How option selects work in 3s : Crouch Tech

Chris G. vs Flash G CF tournament 12/16/10
Daemon vs Duke CF tournament 12/16/10
Dr. Kimble vs Greek CF tournament 12/16/10

Mon Jan 3rd - tutorial and another match from tournament
How option selects work in 3s : SGGK

Mutant XP vs Kevin CF tournament 12/16/10

Tue Jan 4th - Some more from the tourney. GrandFinals are getting closer
Dr. Kimble vs Daemon CF tournament
Flash G. vs Kevin CF tournament

Wed Jan 5th -
Daemon vs Mutant XP CF tournament
Kevin vs Ahmed CF tournament

Thu Jan 6th
How option selects work in 3s : OPA

More vids. On the weekend I didn’t get the chance to upload as much as I wanted because I was out playing 3rd strike and super turbo. Also I’m not feeling too good so I’m getting a lot of rest.

Sat Jan 8th-
Hold Dat vs Ahmed Money Match 1/7/11
GreenTea vs Ahmed CF tournament 12/16/10

Sun Jan 9th-
Chris G. vs Ahmed CF tournament Grand Finals 12/16/10

Mon Jan 10th-
GreenTea vs Mutant XP Money Match 12/16/10
Post CF tournament thoughts 12/16/10

Wow thanks!

Are you still in NYC? Are these at the China Town Fair Arcade? Love these. I didn’t know they still did actual 3S tournaments there. How often?

#interest interest!

Yeah these are at cf and we still have tournaments going. A safe average to say is maybe every other week?

I don’t think st jab as anti air is very good to begin with.


sorry i should elaborate. as far as the st jab anti air option selects go, i dont think doing st jab to begin with is the best option anyway. if you spot a jump in, you can walk/dash under them to force them into a decision instead. also, ken and makoto both have good jump roundhouses, you can jump back roundhouse and hit them air to air. not to mention you can just jump back air parry also. another thing, even if they did parry the anti air st jab, it makes more sense to walk/dash under them afterwards to put them in another decision. i say this because more often than not people who are jumping in are in “parry mode” and will parry the next move anyway. on a more basic level, its not reliable because st. jab as anti air gets beat by things like jump in roundhouse or fierce, leading to a fat combo.

the twelve option select did look sick though, i havent tried it so cant say if its practical or not.

not putting you down, just thinking those anti air option selects arent very practical and that there are better options to begin with. its dope to see someone care about 3s enough to put out vids though, id ideally like to do something similar in terms of showing even small clips of strategy/combos/punishes.

now that i think about it maybe you were just using them as an example.

Wow really? I guess people find out about these through word of mouth? Haven’t seen any posts on SRK about the 3S tournaments there. I wish there was more footage of the 3S tourneys at CTF. Every other week, it’s great that a game like 3S is still getting the attention it deserves over there.

I def gotta stop by over break to see it all for myself.

Green Tea, I like the other vids you did too. I think these would be great in the videos section too. I haven’t found many new 3S tutorials, it’s mostly the stuff from eventhubs and the same important Youtube vids from years ago.

It’s not something like a 32+ bracket tourny or anything, it comes down to us all just knowing each other at cf and when we have mostly everyone present we just decide to do one

s.jab for anti air can be useful. There are positives and negatives for everything. The positives i see with s.jab is that it occupies the space quickly and doesn’t allow the opponent the chance to attack you low which then they can mix you up. Also The option select lets you be on top of them with a dash after the jab if they dont parry. Sure you could dash under them that is a great option but i also think that s.jab can have its uses. And adding the option select will make it more difficult for the opponent to deal with it. I’m not saying its your best option but an option to consider that most people don’t know. I’ll go over this in another video though.

yea definitely, its a quick move if you dont enough have time to react because you couldnt react to it or weren’t looking for it. for the record im not trying to put you down or anything, its dope that youre putting out vids. mad respect. just for me personally was thinking is this something id want to incorporate and i dont think i would. you definitly got me thinking about hiding inputs in moves other than throws and inputs other than down parry/jump though.

I use s.jab as an AA when a Hugo player, or any characters that are parry happy. If you use a s.mp, or s.hp, etc…, you’ll get parried, and punished. Just mix it up.

i dont think you understand what i said or this subject.

Good work GreenTea, I haven’t watched your match videos yet, but I did watch your option-select videos and Kuroda commentaries and you bring up some really good points. My biggest criticism so far would be that I think you could do with writing and reading some pre-written notes from paper instead of trying to describe something on the fly, because there are times when you’re trying to describe something but are at a loss for words, or could use a more succinct definition if you wrote one down beforehand, etc.

Keep up the good work though, I’ll be checking back. Also, very nice OS for Twelve, that one had never crossed my mind before. I think your videos could become an invaluable tool for 3S newcomers to understand OSs if you prerecord every gameplay example and read pre-written notes (but only for the purposes of keeping things easy to understand without any wasted time). Cheers!

My point still stands. If a player jumps on you, it’s logical to use s.jab ala AA.

Right now, I’m trying to put out content quickly and trying to become a better video maker. I don’t have the best tools at the moment to edit but will soon enough. Thanks for the suggestions.

The only time its acceptable to use st.jab as anti air is if its with akuma and you cancel into rh tatsu and follow up with kuroda cyclone, or st.jab reset into kkz

cookie cutter pherai! I never thought I’d see the day! I remember Vinny and Yi always hitting me out of the air with jabs.

This is good stuff, I was just about to make a thread asking for the basics of getting started with option selects. So thanks.

Can you put your videos on Youtube though? Having to watch a 30 second ad before each video sucks.

Sorry about the ads. You might dislike the Ads, but try to bear with it. I’ll try to set it up so that its only like every 10-15. It helps support me and gives me some motivation. My goal is to get a 30 minute show on 3s every day eventually.

But you didn’t seem to really have a useful point. You basically said that lp is good because it’s fast as an AA when your opponent is parry-happy but that doesn’t explain WHY it’s good because you haven’t said what you do if they parry it after all. Keep mashing lp? Something else? And by the same token, sometimes it can be useful to get mp or fp parried (not that they will always be parried anyway) because then you can create AA traps that may be difficult to escape from.

You didn’t make a clear and useful point, and it definitely didn’t have any relevance to OSs.

That does explain why it’s good. The speed of it means you can keep pressing it over, and over each time they parry unlike a mp/hp. I’ve only seen YSB parry AA jabs with ease.

The game has been out for over a decade, do I really need to point out the obvious?

Yes, because it was in the wider context of OSs. Mashing jab isn’t a deep OS unless you use it in conjunction with other hidden inputs to create multiple favourable outcomes (in theory).